How to be a Zaddy

Justin Singh

Everyone loves a Daddy: Someone who exudes confidence, can take control, and can handle any situation no matter how difficult. Their power, charisma, courage, and charm are what makes them stand out from the rest of the boys. While age and money are nice, anyone over the age of consent can be a Daddy to someone else who is also over the age of consent. This rule is definite.

Recently, however, a new supreme has emerged and evolved from the average Daddy. The new breed, called Zaddy, has taken over the gay scene, and Daddys all over the world should be scared. What is a Zaddy you ask? Well, Zaddys come with all the same qualities of Daddys, but Zaddy takes their fashion to a new level. Along with the lovable inner qualities of a Daddy, a Zaddy comes with beauty that can rival any pretty boys out there. Zaddys are groomed to perfection; Their hair is coiffed, shirt is tucked, pants are fitted, and shoes are clean.

Now, you’re probably here for two reasons: You want to become a Zaddy, or you want to help your Daddy become a Zaddy. No matter your reason, you came to the right place. If you’re new to the Zaddy game, it may be slightly difficult. You don’t know where to start— Where to get your clothes, what hairstyle to get, what your new signature scent will be, or if you need a tattoo.

To us, fashion is a key asset under a Zaddys belt. A good sense of style can turn a 7 to a 10. Here’s a list of Zaddy essentials that will get you noticed on the streets and an endless number of dates lined up. 

  1. Street-Smart Sweatpants

This should come as no shock that our classic “Street-Smart Sweatpants” in their traditional grey colour are first on the list. If I’m being honest, I could probably end the list here if I wanted to. While grey sweatpants are a staple in any Zaddy’s closet, these Street-Smart Sweatpants combine style with comfort. They hug your thighs so perfectly that it feels like second skin. You can pair these with a simple T-shirt for a casual look, or with no shirt at all.

Street-Smart Sweatpants nnicolasesteban @nnicolasesteban in Street-Smart Sweatpants
  1. Stupid Love Sheer Tank Top

You may not know this, but your body is perfect the way it is. The secret to being attractive is all about confidence. And if you want to be a Zaddy, this sheer tank top screams “confidence.” The confidence to show off your body for everyone to see, while also keeping it fashion. This versatile tank top can be worn casually, or on fancy nights out paired with a blazer.

 @ermjay in Stupid Love Sheer Mesh Tank Top

  1. RBB Velvet Bikini Brief

While Zaddys may be tough on the outside, they have a soft and sweet core. It just takes a bit of time to get through those layers to reveal that sweetheart. Show off that sweet centre with the RBB Velvet Bikini Briefs. They show your lovers that you’re smooth and sensual and will take good care of them no matter what. Not only that, but its like a soft hammock for your friend downstairs.

RBB Velvet Bikini Briefs @jeanpaolodilorenzo in RBB Velvet Bikini Brief 

  1. Shameless Leather Harness

There’s no way this list could be complete without a harness. It’s a staple at any party or festival. There’s something about the Shameless Leather Harness that gives that extra edge to any Zaddy. Maybe it’s the tight fit around your chest? Or maybe the added holes that gives off the “I-just-finished-the-battle-and-now-I’m-ready-for-war” vibe. Any way, this is definitely a party/kinky Zaddy essential.

Shameless Leather Harness@diego_rodrigob in Shameless Leather Harness 

  1. Daddy Hoodie

Now, I know you may think it’s counter productive to give Zaddy a Daddy hoodie. Daddy’s know how to wear it, but Zaddys know how to kill it. They can wear it with confidence on the streets, and know how to turn the comfortable staple liking a hoodie into a fashion statement. The familiar khaki colour gives off a sense of comfort and coziness. Everyone will want to fall in your arms. Who knows, maybe Zaddy will give you his sweater if you’re good enough.

Daddy Hoodie@theodorovinicius in Daddy Hoodie 

Now that you know the difference between Daddy and Zaddy, and you have your hands on some essential Zaddy products, we believe you’re ready. Whether you’re hitting up a rave, going to your best friend’s dinner party, or relaxing at home with your boy watching horror movies, you should now have the necessary pieces and fashion tips to keep your Zaddy status in check. It’s a Zaddys world, we’re all just living in it.




  • Art Vandelay said:

    Nice article, but would love to see zaddies in the photos. The hot guys you have there are too young to be zaddies

    June 15, 2021

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