Redeeming your points is very simple! Just apply them to any purchase at checkout.


100 Juicy Points = $ 1


500 Points

1000 Points

2000 Points


600 Points

Metallic Pink Choker

1200 Points

Festival Buckle Choker

1400 Points

JJ Malibu Pineapple Fanny Pack

2000 Points

Heart Locket

2200 Points

USA Rainbow Flag

3000 Points

Cross Body Harness Bag

3500 Points

The Bunny Mask

4000 Points

Dictator Leather Body Singlet


GIVE 30% GET $30

Gift family, friends, or anyone 30% off their first purchase
and get $30 off your next purchase
(Some conditions apply)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do points per dollar spent work?

For every dollar spent, you'll receive 5 Juicy Points! We also have promotions where you can earn even more points per dollar spent!

I started earning Juicy Points (Yasss!) What can I do with them?

Congrats! During checkout, make sure you are logged in to your account. You can do this by clicking "Account" in the top right corner on the Home Page, or "Log In" on the Checkout page. Once you are logged in, you will be able to use your Juicy Points towards your purchase as long as you:

1. Have $15+ in your cart
2. Have at least 100 Juicy Points in your account

Will my points expire?

Yes, after 2 years your points will expire. Don't worry! We'll notify you when the expiry date rolls around!

Can I use my points for sale items or with a discount code?

Unfortunately Juicy Points aren't redeemable for sale items or any other promotional offers. This also includes discount codes.

When will I receive my Birthday Points?

On your Birthday!

Why did I lose points?

For returned orders where a refund is issued, any Juicy Points associated with that order will be removed from your account.

What do I get by referring friends to the program?

When you refer a friend to our program you will both receive a special discount! They will get 30% off their first order with a minimum purchase of $60, and you will receive a $30 credit which you can redeem with an order over $60!

Can I refer someone who already has an account?

Only brand new customers will count as a referral!

Why can't I refer someone with the same address as me?

We do this in order to prevent individuals from taking advantage of both the $30 and 30% offers from the referral. Both addresses within the referral must be different.