JJ Malibu X Wild Peach Tokyo GoGo Party!

Sam More

With the year the world has had sometimes it’s easy to forget what going to a good party actually feels like. Being together with friends, dancing, that electric feeling when the first note of your song plays and you have to rush to the dance floor immediately. The atmosphere of a good party is truly unmatched and you can remember a good one for a lifetime. Going into the 2021 summer season, with things slowly opening up around the world and rescheduled events taking place with precautions, we’re getting a taste of normalcy back. And that was exactly the case in Tokyo, Japan on May 29th when Wild Peach & JJ Malibu hosted a special daytime GoGo party at the Aisotope Lounge! The venue is a well known gay club in the neighborhood of Shinjuku that opened its doors in 2012. Equipped with two dance floors and an extensive cocktail menu (that unfortunately isn’t available at the moment due to the pandemic) the Aisotope Lounge was the perfect place for the event!

The promotional poster for the event!

Promotion for the event began on Instagram in early May. The poster featured prominent and talented GoGo dancers who would be appearing at the event. Party organizer, Nobuaki Tanaka, discussed planning the fabulous party while still adhering to Public Health regulations saying “It is very difficult to have a safe party in Covid-19. The body temperature is taken upon entry. A distance of at least 1.5 meters is maintained between the stage and the guests. The venue is equipped with a state of the art ventilation system that constantly vents the air. The most important thing is that the guests follow the rules such as wearing masks and disinfecting.” Due to the special precautions of the event, it had to be a daytime event from 3pm to 8pm and no alcohol was served. But that didn’t stop everyone from having an amazing time! 170 guests attended the daytime party and danced well into the evening. 

The sexy GoGo dancers in the JJ Neon Harness - Camo & the Ex Jockstrap - Camo!

The event kicked off with DJ Nori playing a 2 and a half hour lively set that featured the talented and oh so sexy GoGo dancers, SuSuMu, Satoshi, Usak, Ko-Sk, Rico and Hiroya! At 5:30pm, DJ Shinkawa kicked off his 2 and a half hour electrifying set with the dancers continuing to turn the party. You can listen to both DJ’s mixes on Mixcloud here! And what party is complete without some drag excellence? Queen Labianna Joroe was present and serving the whole night giving the gays everything they want!  

Drag queen @laiannajoroe and dancer @kohske_1031 backstage!  

How were the JJ Malibu items (that the Gogo dancers were giving it their all in) received by party-goers? “It gave customers a cool impression” Tanaka stated, “We had a lot of people wanting to buy the merchandise at the event”. The next party is planned for July 22nd in Avalon! This will be an all night event from 10PM to 4:30AM and alcohol will be served as some restrictions will be lifted by then. “We are looking forward to working with JJ Malibu again!” Tanaka says.

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