The Ins and Outs of Eli Shaw!

Sam More

1. Hey Eli! Introduce yourself to some of our readers who may not know about you.

Hey! My name is Eli Shaw and I’m an OnlyFans content creator.

2. How did you get your start in porn?

I started by just posting on twitter for fun and it took off beyond what I ever expected. I started an OnlyFans and here I am now.

3. What is your favorite part of your job?

I just love sex and especially showing it off to the world.

Eli in the Flawless Feel Seamless Thong with Mesh Cutout - Grey

4. What do you think your most attractive feature is? What is your favorite feature on other guys?

I would say either my ass or abs.

It’s hard to say there’s so much to love. I particularly like a nice chest though.

5. What are your favorite items to film in? Thongs, briefs, jocks?

I always like the reaction when they take off my pants and see a thong. My last shoot with the seamless thong went especially well 😉.

6. In your day-to-day wear, do you have a favorite pair of undies?

The seamless briefs are definitely one of my favorites. They’re comfortable, fit great, and sexy in case of a surprise encounter.

Eli in the Flawless Feel Seamless Briefs with Mesh Cutout - Purple

7. What type of underwear is your favorite to see on other guys?

Anything that shows off a nice bulge, usually briefs or a jock.

8. Tank Tops or Crop Tops?

Depends on my mood but leaning towards crop tops.

9. Have any fun upcoming summer plans?

Almost too many. Amsterdam, Berlin, and Prague this month, New York in June, Chicago in August, then back to Berlin in September.

Eli in the Sophomore Malibu Short Shorts - Black

10. Where can people follow you online?

Instagram: @the_eli_shaw

Twitter: @lockedboyeli

OnlyFans 😉:

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