Meet Prince Charming Joshua Junior Tan

Allan Binalla

Introduce yourself!

Hi guys! Nice to see all of you here. I am happy that I have been selected by JJ Malibu for this interview. This is Joshua from Malaysia and I grew up beside the beach. That’s why I love summer, adventure and fitness. I have been working out at the gym for the past 10 years. 

 I love to travel, see the world and meet people around the world along the way. I love western food in big portions and I love the arts. 

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You mentioned that you grew up by the beach and that you love to travel. Where are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world?

I have been to Maldives and I like it because it has crystal clear waters and no pollution! I also love the natural scenery and animals! 

I would also say that in Greece, Santorini has one of the most romantic beaches in the world. I have done a lot of travelling and I would say that is one of the most unforgettable trips of my life. 

Wow! Would you like to share one of your favourite adventures or memories of travel?

I mentioned earlier that I love animals. That is why I decided one year to go on a trip to South Africa and visit their safari to get closer to the incredible creatures. 

I remember thinking one year I was thinking about what to give myself as a birthday present. After a lot  one year and after a lot of consideration I decided to let myself dive into a huge tank with 8 to 9 sharks! That was my favourite memory and most exciting experience. 

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How exciting! Were you scared? 

I was scared and excited at the same time but I love that feeling! I actually had the chance to dive in the ocean to see Great White Sharks in Cape Town but then I missed the boarding time and the boat left without me. 

So what do you plan to do for your next birthday? 

Joshua Junior Tan JoshuaJuniorNov JJ Malibu Gay Brand Sexy Asian Male Model

Normally, I will travel but then I can't do much because my city is in lockdown. 

Are you currently dating? 

Nope, is there a benefit if I say no? Haha

In your intro, you mention that Greece has some of the most romantic beaches. Is there a story behind that?

Boo… I was with my ex. There is a view in Greece that is called the most beautiful sunset in the world. People from around the world actually gather there every evening for the view. 

You mentioned you were single. However, when you are in a relationship are you the one that does all the romancing or do you get romanced?

I am romantic. I study art and I like to see beautiful things. 

Can you please tell us how a night of romance would be like with Joshua Junior Tan?

Joshua Junior Tan JoshuaJuniorNov JJ Malibu Gay Brand Sexy Asian Male Model

Well, we will spend time on the rooftop(my suites facilities on the rooftop, garden, pool, sky beach, etc) with wine and light snacks. Then move to home for the candle light dinner with jazz as background music(my favourite music) I will be the chef of the night for my special one.. and tomorrow wake up with breakfast in bed.

How would you like someone to treat you? Or romance you?

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I wish I can find someone who has a similar philosophy, idea, lifestyle.. to live together.. I kind of like a family guy. I also want to travel together.

Can you describe your ideal guy?

Joshua Junior Tan JoshuaJuniorNov JJ Malibu Gay Brand Sexy Asian Male Model

Well, I don’t like to party actually. I am into mature men who can take of me but I will do the same for that person. I like a romantic caring person that likes to be with me. He likes to do things like staying at home and cooking together. Spending time in nature and travel adventures around the world. 

Where do you plan to travel when the pandemic is over? 

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The first place I will travel to after Covid is Thailand. Thailand is close to me and I love it there. Thailand is a beautiful country. The people are friendly, have good food, shopping, beaches, islands, super hotels and a lot of 😎 I believe everyone will love Thailand.

What is something about you that people will be surprised about?

Joshua Junior Tan JoshuaJuniorNov JJ Malibu Gay Brand Sexy Asian Male Model

I love lego. I love to see the design ideas and how they come out. I love the creativity of new sets every year. I have been playing Lego since I was 6 years old.

Did you have a final message?

Thank you JJ Malibu for the interview and let’s make friends and bring more smiles to the world.


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