Conway Tam's First Time Bottom Experience

Allan Binalla

Introduce yourself!

I’m Conway, I’m originally from Hong Kong and I’m now residing in London UK, working as an IT Consultant.

Conway Tam Sexy Asian Male Model for Gay Brand JJ Malibu

What got you into modelling? 

I wouldn’t go as far as saying I do modelling as it’s really for fun! I started doing photoshoots when a photographer got in touch. The pics on his insta looked stunning and I thought, it could be fun, so I said yes. It was a brand new experience and I really liked it. I’m generally quite shy  but surprisingly I wasn’t uncomfortable with the experience at all and never looked back since!

Oh nice! So how far will you go for posing sexy?

As long as my bits is not in the shot then it’s fine

Conway Tam Sexy Asian Male Model for Gay Brand JJ Malibu

Wow, so how big are your “bits”?

Kind of a peculiar question cuz isn’t bit a Boolean value of true or false? 🤣

Someone on IG asked: “When did you bottom for the first time?”

The first time my life bottomed was when I lost monopoly and I just flipped the board and left 🤣🤣

So much trolling... maybe I should cut that back HAHAHA!!!

Conway Tam Sexy Asian Male Model for Gay Brand JJ Malibu

Hahah its all up to you! It shows your personality. That you’re a sore loser 😂.

I suppose the first time would be sore! 🤣🤣

So how does a guy grab your attention?

I think the best is just to be natural and be yourself. Just a simple ‘hey’ would do the job most of the time!


So what is your bedroom fantasy? Winning in monopoly?

😂 Oh yeah absolutely, whoever wins gets to top!

How do people get a body like yours?

Conway Tam Sexy Asian Male Model for Gay Brand JJ Malibu

Easy, a lot of ice cream and instant noodles, and being a couch potato 😂

hmm, something must be wrong with my regimen then 😭

HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!! Joking aside, obviously going to the gym regularly.

What’s the hottest exercise to watcha  guy do?

Squats obviously 🤣🤣

What do you think is your sexiest feature?

My chest 😂😂

Conway Tam Sexy Asian Male Model for Gay Brand JJ Malibu

Do you enjoy muscle worship?

Actually I do!

So what's the gay dating scene where you live?

Conway Tam Sexy Asian Male Model for Gay Brand JJ Malibu

Unfortunately dating is not easy when you’re living in a city. I’m quite traditional when it comes to relationships and monogamous is the way to go for me. Also, people tend to serial date these days and would not settle for one guy, which makes things even harder. But hey, gotta look on the bright side and keep trying!

You speak about being traditional, does that also mean you do not like meeting people through apps?

I am quite an introvert and most of the time I’m too shy to approach someone to start a convo and dating app is a great icebreaker. When you’re single and available, it doesn’t hurt to meet a guy or two on there. Sometimes you can find hidden gems there!

Cool, so how long do you chat on the app until you meet?

Could vary from 30 mins to a few days 😂

Where do you usually go for a first date?

Scandinavian style coffee shops or rooftop bars are my fav!

How does a guy win you over?

I like a guy who is happy and cheerful, who doesn’t take himself too seriously and think positively even in difficult situations. A guy who has a good eye for designs of any sorts definitely adds points. And most importantly, that the guy wears his heart on his sleeve like I do!

Do you have a final message? 

Can’t think of anything for now 🤣🤣 That was fun! 🤣


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