What is the hardest part of owning your own brand in the LGBTQ Community?

“There is so much competition, the market is saturated and as a newcomer to break into a market that is dominated by big players creates a challenge. The hard part is showing people that we are a legit company with great customer service and an organizational structure that ensures things are running smoothly. Creating that kind of brand awareness takes time so being patient is important in the whole process.

What sets JJ Malibu apart from other similar brands?

I personally think it doesn't hurt to charge people less so people can afford alternative fashion. Our goal is not to make a lot of money. Our goal is to provide people with different options. I wear JJ Malibu every day, and I want people to feel comfortable and proud to wear it too without costing them an arm and a leg.


How does JJ Malibu as an LGBTQ+ brand work towards inclusivity?

“Well, I’m very outspoken. Personally, I want to show LGBTQ+ youth that besides becoming a supermodel or movie star they can also become an entrepreneur. I want them to see that they have alternative career paths. As a queer minority, I feel like I’ve been double marginalized. I feel like if our voice has a platform, I want to use it to promote diversity. Our posts are a lot more diverse compared to some of our major competitors, and I don’t think that's enough I want to keep doing more we have now the JJMalibu.Asia & JJMalibu.Es and we will soon have our fitness account JJMalibu.Train I want to include everyone”

What should fans of the brand be expecting from the future of the brand? 

“Well, there are things we can talk about, and things that we cant. JJ Malibu is exploring different options there are certain projects that are still underway, one thing is for sure other than rolling out fun and affordable clothing we are also looking at other options to get involved with the community, we will have more information in the coming months so stay tuned!”

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To whom this may concern do you guys have a app where you can download your clothing

Jay campbell September 30, 2019

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