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Summer is the season for fun times with good friends. Weather permitting you normally have a drink on the patio, enjoying the sand at a Nude Beach or playing catch outdoor. Whatever your favourite pastime this three-step plan will help you to beat the heat and keep it together, even if you’re all out. 


Step 1: Shade alongside the saucy comments we give and receive shade is essential for beating the heat. Pull up an umbrella periodically to take breaks from the scorching sun. find a tree trunk to lay up under at the park or even the side of a building to take cover from the Heat. these little moments out of the sun will do you wonders and allow you to cool down in between sun sessions. 

Step 2: Hydration and the art of balance are essential to beating the heat. Water is quite literally the building blocks of life and will have you cooling down in no time. Let's be real, a day that starts off with screwdrivers on a patio for brunch will not include much water the rest of the day. However, having a day in the week set out for rehydration should balance out those important PH Levels 

Step 3: Protection and timing is the final step! The sun is powerful but not all day! Make sure to get playtime with the sun at specific times, this will help you to beat the hottest heat and ensure that you will not be defeated. Late evenings and early mornings are the best times. If you absolutely must play mid-day use protection! Lather on loads of sunscreen with high SPF and hit the road. Depending on how long you're out you might want to consider reapplying. 

There you have it. Three steps to beat the summer heat before you reach defeat. Combining these methods together will keep you cool even on the hottest of days. Sip on a virgin cocktail to stay hydrated while throwing yourself into the shade at the right time of day.


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Written by: Sheldon Mortimore


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