Do's and Don'ts of Lip Filler

Sam More

The bigger, the better… right? That’s certainly what it seems when it comes to the recent trend of lip fillers. Over the past few years, lip fillers have been an ever growing treatment for all types of individuals but where did it start? Some may argue that a certain Ms. lip kip extraordinaire Kylie Kristen Jenner catapulted the treatment to mainstream attention when she admitted to getting them in 2015. However, lip augmentations have been around for way before that (Think Real Housewives stars Taylor Armstrong and Lisa Rinna). Since then, especially in the influencer world, it seems like the go to procedure for people who want the “perfect pout” in pictures. However, this doesn’t mean there are not things to take into account when getting or thinking about getting lip fillers. In this article, I’ll be listing the Do’s and Don’ts of Lip Fillers.

DO: Your research!

Luckily, when I first started getting lip fillers in August 2020, I had a friend who had been getting her lips done for years at a very reputable doctor. I could see how my friend's lips looked, and had actually been with her to an appointment prior. However, I know this may not be the case for everyone looking to get them done. Some are starting from the drawing board and don’t know how to start looking for a doctor. My advice for looking for a doctor would be to read real reviews and see evidence of the doctor’s work. You usually have a consultation before the actual injection day, to explain to the doctor exactly what results you want, etc. At the consultation, ask to see the doctor’s previous work. They will almost always have before and after pictures on hand. 

DON’T: Expect immediate results

Perfection takes time! This is what I have learned throughout the process. If you are expecting immediate results on your first appointment, you may be disappointed. Sometimes the results you desire are not realistic by just one appointment and if you have a reputable doctor, they will tell you this! I remember when I first started I made this mistake and I thought in one session I’d have Angelina Jolie’s lips. Not the case. It has taken just over a year and multiple sessions to receive the results I wanted, so patience is key. Everyone has different natural lip shapes and sizes and where you start should always be taken into account.

DO: It for yourself!

It sounds cliche but it’s true! You should always make sure you’re getting any type of work done for YOURSELF and not anyone else. Judgment will follow suit since injectables (even with their rising popularity) are still sometimes looked down upon. When I first started getting mine, there was for sure a little side eye and side comments from the fam, which I expected. As long as you are confident in your decision and reasoning for getting lip filler, you’re the only one who has to like it! It’s your face after all! Haters can twirl.

DON’T: deny it!

As Kim Zolziack once said: “bought and paid for, b*tch!”. If you’re going to get lip filler, why deny it? Most of the time it is noticeable and if people ask (not that it’s their business) just fess up! Remember in 2015 when the world collectively knew Kylie was getting filled but she denied it and said it was all “lip lining”. Yeah, okay girl. More people need to be honest about what they've had done, especially celebrities who are influencing their fans. If a beauty standard is set (such as getting fillers) people should know not everything is natural all the time, and that is okay! Anyways, wasn’t the goal to get those lips a lil bigger in the first place? Thank the people who ask!

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