Meet the Queens of Canada's Drag Race Season 2

Justin Singh

A new season of Canada’s Drag Race is here, and along with it, comes a lot of changes. Season 1 judges Stacey McKenzie and Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman have been swapped with Traci Melchor, Brad Goreski, and Amanda Brugel. Many can’t help but feel that these changes came from the backlash the judging panel received for being “too harsh” on the first season.

The promo theme for this season is “Add Some Sugar” to maybe show off the sweeter side of Canada’s Drag Race. 12 new Queens are entering the Werk Room up north, and show off their skills to prove that they have what it takes to be Canada’s Next Drag Superstar: The Queen of the North. Let’s take a closer look at each contestant. This will be spoiler free, and in alphabetical order.


Originally from Bogota, Colombia, Adriana now resides in Quebec City, Quebec. She claims to be a fashion queen with great performing skills. Although she may be a bit reserved, she's the quiet one who will sneak up on the other queens and steal the crown when you least expect it.

Adriana on Instagram


From Vancouver, British Colombia, Beth is of Metis descent and identifies as Two-Spirit. Beth represents for Canada's indigenous people. This charming queen is here to kill you with kindness, and share her big hearts and big tits with the world, and show that a big heart can get you to the top.

Beth on Instagram

Eve 6000

Eve represents Toronto, Ontario. Her name originates from the E6000 glue commonly used by drag queens. She is Trans Non-Binary, and is here to bring drama. Eve claims to be the realest bitch seen on drag race, so we’re excited to see if she’ll bring any drama to the Werk Room.

Eve 6000 on Instagram

Gia Metric

Gia Metric from Vancouver, British Colombia is an eccentric fashion-dancer queen. She brings out of the box, alien-esque looks to the runway and expects to turn heads when she walks in the room. Keep an eye out for this tall fashion queen, because she will give a show.

Gia Metric on Instagram

Icesis Couture

The first queen from Ottawa, Ontario, this queen is here to make friends. She’s eccentric, wild, and brings unique and exciting looks every time. She describes her drag style as “a sexy nightmare” so every time she turns the corner of the runway, get ready to be surprised.

Icesis Couture on Instagram

Kendall Gender

The 3rd queen from Vancouver, British Colombia, Kendall wants to take over Canada with her great body and great performing skills. She doesn’t only use her high energy on the stage, but when advocating for the various causes she supports. Her name is a pun on ‘Kendal Jenner’ but also, if you take away the K it’s, ‘End All Gender.’

Kendall Gender on Instagram

Kimora Amour

From Scarborough, Ontario (Toronto). This carnival  queen is here to represent the Caribbean, just like Season 1 contestant Priyanka. This loud and proud queen is no stranger to the pageant scene, and is also the father of a teenaged boy. She works as a nurse during the day. This queen will bring excitement, fun, and wisdom this season.

Kimora Amour on Instagram

Océane Aqua-Black

This cooky, campy queen is the secret weapon from Quebec City, Quebec. She’s full of personality, and always starts her shows Salut, bande de laids, which translates to, “Hi, group of uglies.” This kind-hearted queen will win over audiences with her infectious laugh, and radiant and kind soul.

Océane Aqua-Black on Instagram


From Montreal, Quebec,  this Grecian, gender non-binary queen will bring unique and trippy looks to the runway. Inspired by the evil villainous women of cartoons and animated films, this queen wants to give her audience an LSD trip whenever she hits the runway. Expect her to bring a unique take on drag this season.

Pythia on Instagram

Stephanie Prince

Originally from the Philippines, Stephanie Prince is the first Canadian queen to represent Alberta, Canada. Stephanie is full of fun, energy, and excitement. She also wants to represent her Filipino and Asian sisters. Her drag style is cute, campy and full of sugar.

Stephanie Prince on Instagram

Suki Doll

Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Suki Doll brings sass, ferocity, and fashion this season. Her looks are all high fashion couture, but doesn’t sacrifice her amazing personality. If you love drag race for it’s high fashion looks, then Suki Doll will be high on your radar. But she doesn’t let this stop or limit her when it comes to performing. She WILL get down.

Suki Doll on Instagram

Synthia Kiss

This sweet queen from Vancouver, British Colombia will charm you with her smile and her kindness. Don’t let her fool you though, this sweet and pretty queen will sneak up on you. She looks giving beautiful face and bold colours. She's joining the competition after a short hiatus from drag.

Synthia Kiss on Instagram


All of these queens bring something new to this season, and we love them all. Let us know who your favourites are, and who do you think will get the crown this season! Show all the queens some love on their social media.

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