3 Gay Bars to check out in Barcelona!

Sam More

Barcelona is known as a pioneer in fighting for LGBT+ rights in Spain. The long history of the Gay Liberation of Spain dates back to the 1960s, where social conflicts and civil rights movements were only just getting started. The Social Danger and Rehabilitation Act that was cleared in 1970 was a repressive act that sought to control and limit all things considered to be “Antisocial”. This included homosexuality, the sale of pornography, and even immigrants as these were seen as “socially dangerous” in the eyes of the national Catholic regime. Armand de Flu, one of the founders of Homophile Grouping for Sexual Equality (AGHOIS), which was an organization which represents the creation of the Gay Rights Movement in Spain explained how the time was for the community in an interview from 2001, “In 1970, the homosexuals were “a danger to society” during the dictatorship. We were “mentally sick” and “potential criminals”… In addition, we were depraved, evil queers and, for the Church, we were sinners, and we still are”. AGHOIS was founded in 1970 in Barcelona. Jump forward ahead to the 1990s, The Spanish Gay Rights Movement was a crucial part of Barcelona’s modernization. The 1990s were a pivotal moment in normalizing LGBT culture in Spain. In 1993, Barcelona hosted the International Lesbian and Gay Organization conference, which still goes on to this day. Hundreds of representatives from other LGBT organizations gathered to attend the event, with it focusing on the intolerance that homosexual people face across the globe. Throughout the late 90s, more LGBT organizations became prevalent and normalization continued throughout Spanish society. Miquel Iceta even became the first openly gay politician in Spain!

In 2022, Barcelona is seen as one of the most gay friendly places in the world! With its enriched culture and stunning views, it’s no surprise the gays flock to the beauty of Barcelona to vacation. Today, we’ll be listing 3 of the MUST visit gay bars in Barcelona! Vamos bebe! 

3. Candy Darling 


Named after a trans actress and icon from Andy Warhol’s Factory, Candy Darling is a unique, trendy gay bar located in the center of Barcelona, nears the cities university Placa de la Universitat. Get there early and try their famous ‘Bikini Darling’ which is a local cuisine (a toasted ham and cheese sandwich). Relax in the sofa area while enjoying drag shows and burlesque performances! Or for a more wild night, head to the appropriately titled ‘Wild Night’ disco room where the dance floor is yours to own! This space also offers creative, queer artwork that is featured throughout the rooms and even has its own art director, Nicasio Torres.

2. Gingin Gay Bar


Inspired by TinTin, a famous redhead who was one of the most recognizable cartoons of the 20th century, Gingin Gay Bar is the best spot to get a Gin and Tonic in Barcelona! Self described as a “cozy cocktail bar with a cosmopolitan atmosphere”. Enjoy vibrant and unique drag shows, while appreciating the ginger hotties behind the bar! A lot of Barcelona’s most predominant drag queens hang out here before their shows for the night (and with a list of over 20 unique cocktail menus, we can see why!) Open until 3am on Fridays and Saturdays, GinGin ensures you’ll have the night of your life! 

1. Night Barcelona 

Looking for a night of mischief? Night Barcelona - formerly Nightberry - is the place to go! Be warned, this place is not for the faint of heart. Not for shy guys either, let’s just say clothing is entirely optional at this club! Dark rooms, glory holes, and cruising spots are just some of the features Night Barcelona provides. In the heart of Gaixample, which is the gay district in Barcelona, Happy Hour is Thursday from 6 to 9pm! Free condoms are provided. Occasional live shows also happen here. Again, be warned - your night will be XXXtra wild!

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