User’s Guide to Gay Dating Apps

Justin Singh

The dating world is a tricky game. What kind of game do you want to play? Well, it’s up to you. You need to start by picking your game board, or in today’s case, your app. There are a plethora of gay dating apps that all have different designs, target audiences, and users. Do you find yourself up at night juggling through different apps to find what you're looking for? Odds are, you're going to find the same guys doing the same thing. Let’s look at some of the popular choices so you can narrow it down to what you're looking for and get some sleep at night!



Probably the most popular dating app today, Tinder is definitely versatile. With tons of guys to swipe on, you can find anything from a quick hook up, to a long term relationship. Not sure on what you want, Tinder is definitely a go-to. Just beware of ghosting, it’s quite common here.

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This infamous app is most known for hook ups. No doubt about it. You scroll through a grid of headless torsos, blurred out faces, and blank profiles, all within a few metres from your current location. But who cares, you're just there for something quick. This app works well for travellers who are looking for a fun time with a local. You always hear of the rare case of people who find true love here, but it’s very, VERY, rare. Use Grindr if you just need someone to itch your scratch.





Scruff is very similar to Grindr in its layout and purpose: hook-ups. The main difference here though, is Scruff is a little more niche. Scruff users tend to be bears, cubs, otters, and sticks with the animalistic quality by making you “woof” at people you like. You can also match with people based on what you’re looking for, so no need for mind games and phone tag trying to find someone who wants the same as you. If you want a quick hook-up, and like a bears, dads, and muscle queens, then Scruff is a great option.





The dating app designed to be deleted, this app focuses on relationships. Instead of swiping, this app makes you ‘like’ a specific part of someone’s profile. If you both like something about each other, then it’s a match! Premium users get unlimited likes, while Free users only get 10, so choose wisely and make sure you stand out! This app is definitely more geared towards finding one person. So if you’re a hopeless romantic who likes putting their eggs in one basket, then try Hinge!




Plenty of Fish

One of the original dating sites when online dating became a thing, Plenty of Fish survived the transition from desktop to mobile. Plenty of Fish focuses on matching people based on similar interests and outlooks on life. This site also focuses on relationships, but its definitely easy to find something a little more casual here too. So if you want to make a meaningful connection, but don’t want the pressure of a relationship, try finding a friend with benefits on Plenty of Fish!

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While these are the most popular ones, there are tons more that you can also test out. Hopefully you're able to find what you're looking for, whether it's a hook-up, relationship, friend-with-benefits, anything in between, or anything beyond. Let us know what your favourite dating app is. Good luck, have fun, and be safe!





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