7 Signs He Doesn't Want a Relationship

Justin Singh

There are two types of guys in the world: The Relationship Guy and The Hook-up Guy. Both have their pros and cons, and maybe you’re ready to commit long term, but are you sure the guy you’re seeing is ready too? Sometimes guys aren’t very direct about what they want. Other times, they’re fine just playing with your emotions. What are some red flags that show he’s just interested in your body.


  1. He doesn’t talk about his friends

    Usually when you get to know someone, it takes time! People tend to open up when they like and trust you more. After spending some time together, if he doesn’t mention anything about meeting his or your friends (or no mention of friends at all) it may be time to think about jumping ship.

  2. He prefers to hang out at his place

    Yes, lockdowns and closures due to Covid-19 are a thing. There’s nothing exciting to do except relax inside and watch Netflix. Instead, we can have cute walks in the park, a picnic outside, a refreshing hike, or catch a film at the drive-in theatre. If most dates end up in the bedroom, chances are he probably doesn’t consider it a date at all.

  3. Conversations about the future don’t come up

    Now this is a clear red flag. When a boy is very into you, and excited about a potential relationship, he will most definitely bring up the future. Maybe when the weather gets warmer so you can go to the beach together, or how he can’t wait to have a horror movie marathon with you on Halloween night. If he only talks about what time to meet next week, then cancel those plans with him ASAP.

  4. You don’t see him during the day

    Night dates are fun and romantic, and that’s when the average date happens. However, if you don’t get to the date during the daytime, then you may just be his nightly booty call. Daytime dates are when you show yourself to the world as a couple instead of just being on an average dinner date. 

  5. "What's up?" vs. "How are you?"

    Take this with a grain of salt, but when someone asks "What's up?" they just want to know what you're doing. "How are you?" is asking how you're doing. If he mostly wants to know what you're doing, it may be because he wants you to come over for a quicky. If he wants to know how you are, then he definitely cares more about you as a person.

  6. He doesn't bring up any childhood trauma

    Or any kind of personal details whatsoever. When's his birthday? What's his favourite food? What colours does he like? What movies does he watch with his family every Christmas? Why did he and his best friend in fourth grade suddenly stop talking? If you don't know the answers to some or all of these questions, it's time to ask yourself why you don't know.

  7. He always wants to use a condom

    Just kidding! Safe sex is important!

These are just a few red flags, but just remember to always trust your instincts when dating. Your gut reaction knows best. And always leave room for communication. It never hurts to let them know what and how you’re feeling about the relationship. Nobody is a mind reader, so to get what you want, you need to let it out. And always be safe in sex and relationships!


  • Michael Goff said:

    This is very informative and true. I totally enjoyed this article.

    May 27, 2021

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    Bah! haha I see some truth, good voice!

    May 09, 2021

  • Fat Hoe said:

    Hmmm he wanted me to come to the bar with him once but I am committed to getting 8 hours of sleep.

    May 09, 2021

  • Mark said:

    Omg mine always wears a condom!

    May 03, 2021

  • Jesus said:

    This was hilarious yet helpful!

    April 30, 2021

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