Jerk from Home! Masturbation Techniques While in Self Isolation

Allan Binalla

You’ve been asked to social distance yourself as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and you’ve got nothing to do and you’re horny. Now that you’re social distancing and self-isolating at home you can’t go over to some guy’s house from Grindr because you don’t want to get infected. Now we have to ask guys if they’re clean AND negative for Covid-19! As a back-up plan, you resort to jerking off. 

Here are some of our favorite masturbation techniques to try to add something new to your jerk off routine. 

Before we start, open up our Naked Photos in another tab for some jerk off material.  

The Classic Grip 

The most simple and basic technique where you grip your cock at the base and use your hand to grip the shaft. Your fingers should be wrapped, your cock will most likely find that thumb and fingers meet. Do not grip too hard. Now simply move your hands up and down creating friction on the head and glans of your penis. 



Place your thumb and index finger around the shaft of your penis similar to the “Okay” hand gesture. Gently move your hands up and down creating friction. This is a unique experience because most of the friction is coming from your cock’s skin moving up and down. There is also less concentration on the head of cock making it easier to last longer if you typically ejaculate early.

The Underwear Rub

If you are in a situation where you want to be discreet. However, this will require some sort of cleanup afterwards.

Wear your favourite JJ Malibu underwear and keep your hard cock contained in them. All you have to do is keep your erect penis in your underwear and  rub the head through the fabric. The feel of the soft fabric rubbing against your sensitive cock will be a new stimulating experience that will be enough to have ejaculating loads of cum into your underwear. 

Every Hole is a Goal

A masturbation technique when there are no bottoms around but you want to fuck. All you have to do is make your hands your bottom. Grasp yoru cock with your dist at the base and the other fist on the other end loosely.  You are basically creating a hole with your hands and all you have to do is fuck it. You can change the grip of your hands to be tight or loose depending on fuck stimulation you want. This is one of the best masturbation techniques for simulating the feel of real sex. 

The Wank Off, Wank On

A very simple and basic technique that focuses on pleasuring the tip of your penis, leading to a gradual and sensitive feeling of ejaculation. A technique that Mr. Miagi probably use where you simply grab your cock in one hand to keep it in place and palm of your other hand at the top of your cock. All you have to do is move your palm into small circular motion until you cum. It is recommended to use a lube because your cock head will be very sensitive.

Two Hands

If you’ve got a big dick then go ahead use two hands to jerk off. With two hands you are able to cover my surface to your cock making masturbating feel more like real sex. 


Let’s switch things us a little and try jerking off with your non-dominant hand. This slight change will bring a new experience to your masturbation. Fun fact! Research has found that men typically jerk off with their non-dominant hand because they are too busy browsing porn with their other hand.

Don’t Forget the Balls!

Men’s balls are very sensitive and playing with them during sexual activity can definitely send you over the edge. While you are jerking off with any technique you can use your other hand to play with your balls. You can cup them, tickle them or massage them in a circular motion. 

F This!

This technique is about gently rubbing your F Spot known as the frenulum. The frenulum is the sensitive V-shaped part of the penis when the skin meets the glans on the underside of the penis head.

Apply lube on the end of your index finger and massage the frenulum with small circulation motions or gentle up and down strokes. Keep this up and you’ll be shooting load after load unexpectedly. 


  • Sexy Sexy said:

    I love Underwear Rob! I love jerk off in my sexy jockstraps or thongs and I add my videos with jerking and cumming on my blog!

    April 29, 2020

  • Emil said:

    I love the underwear rub! I do it with my underwear and swim briefs when I’m horny… it’s so F’g hot!

    April 20, 2020

  • James clark said:

    Well, this will keep me busy for awhile! I want to lears to enjoy the sensation of playing with my cock and balls longer instead of racing toward the money shot!!!

    April 14, 2020

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