How to Celebrate Your Birthday in Quarantine

Allan Binalla

It is our 4th Year Anniversary and we want to celebrate! We will continue to have a good time and no coronavirus is going to rain on our parade! As a result of Covid-19 we have had to get a little bit creative on how to celebrate our birthday!

Now that parts of the world are slowly reopening here are a couple of different ways to party with your friends!

Babes & BBQ


It is time to start marinating because you will be inviting your friends for a BBQ! Instead of having a dinner party inside the house take the party outside! Make some pitchers of sangrias, play some Chloe x Halle and catch up with your friends!

Take It to the Driveway!


Call up the birthday guy’s friends and family and tell them that you’re going to surprise them with a car parade! Tell them to decorate their cars and bring cool signs to hang outside of their car when they drive by your friend’s house! On the day of your friend’s birthday they’ll step out of their house and be overjoyed with all their close friends and family honking and wishing them a happy birthday. 

Pati-HOE Time!


Although, restaurants are not running at full capacity just yet! There are still outdoor dining experiences with patios that would be happy to have you celebrate your birthday with. Have everyone order drinks because you all deserve one!

Category is CAMP!

JJ Malibu Gay Brand

For all you outdoorsy gays out there! Now is the time to go camping! Parks are open and great outdoors have been waiting for you. Spend the day canoeing with friends and at night enjoy spilling the tea around a bonfire. 

ZOOM is not over Party!


We have been on ZOOM with our friends for the last few months. However, that does not mean you still can’t have virtual parties. If you are still unsure about gathering with your friends you can still call them and wish them a happy birthday. A small act like that and wishing your friend a happy birthday is always a special gift. 

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