How Johnny Donnovan Became Deacon from Sean Cody

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Introduce yourself!

Johnny Donovan aka Deacon from Sean Cody

I’m Johnny. I turned thirty at the end of May, which makes me a Gemini. I have always identified with the twin constellation because growing up felt very much like living two lives. It came naturally to me. I was the president of every club and captain of every sport. But I had an adrenaline junkie side and loved “mixing company” and doing things people thought I wouldn’t and challenging the status quo.

Ricky and I both grew up in the Idaho farmlands and even went to the same high school at one point. We never really met back then, though. It wasn’t until 8 years later that our paths would finally cross. He went straight into the military after high school and I attended Humboldt State University in Northern California where I achieved my Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism with an emphasis in Spanish Speaking Communities. I completed a semester’s long Internship at Univision in Miami Florida, where I worked on various shows but focused on sports programming. After college, I worked as a sports photographer and news reporter for an NBC affiliate in Montana. I did that for 2 years before all my sources were burned from having stories produced for shock value instead of reality. 

After falling out of love with mainstream media, I was heartbroken and found comfort in coaching and teaching. I became a writing coach, soccer coach, personal trainer, and psychosocial rehabilitation specialist. I really did anything to feel needed or helpful. I guess I just desperately wanted to prove my army degree was worth something. 

I eventually moved back to Idaho in February of 2014 and enjoyed the single life. I had a boyfriend that wasn’t too serious when I turned 24 that year, but I spent the summer just being single and dating guys and girls alike. I finally felt I was comfortable with my sexuality and who I was and what I was doing. 

Then in November just after Thanksgiving, I ran into Ricky at the one gay club in Boise. I went there on a whim after a Friendsgiving party to give an ex some closure, and left that conversation wanting to just fuck the next hot guy I met. The very next second I bumped into Ricky (who I had been pining for since moving back to Idaho). He would never respond to my grindr messages or give me a second glance at the club. But now I had bumped his drink out of his hand onto the table he was leaning against. He looked at me as I was about to apologize and my stomach lept. I had just the courage in that moment to stop apologizing and call him out on being the guy who never responded to my messages. But as I said “hey, your..” he leaned in and we started kissing. I really don’t know who initiated it. I know we both wanted it. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other after that. That night we did fuck... good! It was amazing. Best bottom I ever had! He rode my dick off, I swear. But we spent the next couple weeks in his room pretty much non stop. We were both scared the other only wanted a fun thing, so we didn’t talk about anything too seriously the first month. 

On New Years' Eve 2015 we told each other we loved each other. 2 months after that we moved in together, and we have been happy ever since.

How did you guys end up becoming on the most popular couples in the gay porn industry?

Johnny Donovan aka Deacon from Sean Cody

We got into a misunderstanding with the Boise City Police In 2016 on Labor Day weekend. I was transitioning from a desk job as a project manager for a marketing company to doing training full time because Ricky had just started working as a dental hygienist and was making pretty good money. So even though the incident was a misunderstanding, we had to defend ourselves in court. 

I got a public defender and Ricky had to hire a private attorney because he was just over the income line. My public defender did nothing to help me get off, but luckily the private attorney we hired got the footage for us and cleared Ricky of all charges. I ended up using a withheld judgement. 

But our finances were just not in a place to hire a lawyer, and our friend Luke Adams told us he could get us signed with Men or Sean Cody. He submitted our pics and bios to the production lead at the time and we were placed with Sean Cody. Our one condition was that we would only do videos together (thinking we would only do one anyway to pay for the lawyer). 

But then we enjoyed it so much and felt like it was just like any other shoot we had been on (I do some regular fitness modeling). For the first year, we only did scenes with a third or groups. That year, though, Ricky went through Brain surgery. So although we had 9 scenes that year, I feel like many of the fans got a chance to “miss” us. When we came back with a huge group scene in Wyoming we both received several nominations. Then we hit the ground running the next year with a DP scene with Hector. Then we finally had to give the fans what they really wanted, which was us doing scenes on our own. Around that time, we were able to start our OnlyFans site and do our own couple stuff. 

So basically, I think we became so popular because of our unique agreement with the studio that shook the scene for a second and then following that up with great performances and showing we are willing to go above and beyond to please our fans. 

Plus, Ricky is the hottest guy the site has ever seen 🤤

So what was it like starting off doing porn as a couple?

Johnny Donovan aka Deacon from Sean Cody

It was easier for Ricky. He had experience as a GoGo dancer and loved showing off. I was more reserved. The most I had done was some live art modeling in college. It took about 3 scenes before I felt fully confident in being on set, and that was only because I had Ricky there to help me through my anxiety. It’s great in that sense. Having a partner through porn is invaluable. But we did have some relationship issues after we started doing it separately. We just had to learn to communicate our feelings in real-time and always have patience with each other. We feel like being in the porn industry together has made us stronger as a real-life couple AND as performers. We also keep each other in check about things having to do with studios and OnlyFans Collaborations. Because as much as we want to trust people, not everyone can be trusted. But we always know we can trust each other, so it’s a good sounding board.

How did you guys manage to have a healthy relationship and do porn with other people at the same time?

Johnny Donovan aka Deacon from Sean Cody

Hey, so to answer your last question about the problems we ran into. It was similar to many open relationships, I imagine. In hindsight, we just didn’t communicate our needs well enough. But to be fair, neither of us knew what we would need in this new unchartered world. We agreed it was okay to fool around with a third when we were together, and when we were traveling it was okay to hook up with another guy as long as the other person was okay with him. We had hooked up with a friend together when he came out to visit, and I had met up with him months later when I was in San Diego for my first scene without Ricky. I took the liberty of Ricky knowing him and being friends to mean he would be okay with it even if I just didn’t bring it up. I should have known he would need actual updates when I decided to hook up with someone, but my horniness got in the way of my better judgement. When he found out I slept with our friend, we got into one of the biggest fights of our relationship. That was when we made the rule that we would never hook up with someone more than once on our own. That was something we found out Ricky needed in our open relationship. Over the years we have learned a few lessons like that and our rules keep changing. One thing we will always cling to is the rule that we each come before anybody else.

Who’s the hottest guy at Sean Cody?

Asher, obviously! I tend to be turned on most by Latino men, and Ricky is the best in the biz 🤤

What is Ricky best at in bed?

Ricky has the most amazing cock. It has the perfect shape and size for hitting that spot, and he really knows how to stroke a wet hole long and deep with it 🤤. Have you seen him move his hips when he tops? 🔥 

How do you coordinate a threesome?

Johnny Donovan aka Deacon from Sean Cody

Well, now we basically just ask if a guy is interested and they see us and say yes. Haha I think we have a reputation for good threesomes. But in the beginning (before porn) it was awkward and took a while. You have to find a guy you are both into first (more difficult when you are very different types as we are). Then one of you has to approach for the initial introduction to gage their attraction to us. Sometimes it was weeks of messaging and sexting and convincing them it wouldn’t be weird. Some other guys were settled in after one night over drinks.

Why Sean Cody and not another porn studio like Corbin Fisher?

Our friend Luke Adams hooked us up with the MindGeek producers and they placed us in Sean Cody. But honestly, it was the only site I remember looking at growing up besides Latin Boys. And I don’t think I could get a regular spot on that site 😅

What’s it like having sex with a “straight guy”?

It has been a lot of things. The first time was surprising. I didn’t expect him to be so cool with everything. There have been some who have weird preferences like rimming over sucking or they will only top. A few have been downright awesome guys, though. I think the ones I tend to dislike are the guys who try to block out what they are doing, and the ones I enjoy shooting with are guys who enjoy sexuality on a spectrum and feel the male to male action they get on set is enough to satisfy them.

Which guys at Sean Cody were a good fuck?

Johnny Donovan aka Deacon from Sean Cody

I have told my Instagram followers who all my favorite and worst were 😈 Best straight guy to fuck I think is still Jeb.

Who comes up with the porn names at Sean Cody?

They just had them on our model release forms when we showed up for day one of filming. Haha I think they said they got them out of a baby book.

I understand you guys signed an exclusive contract with Sean Cody! What can we expect to see soon?

We’re stoked to have Sean Cody in our corner during these uncertain times. We hoped to be signed before Covid, but that put everything on hold, and it has been a long few months of wondering what is next. Signing the contracts means we will be filming as soon as production is back up in the US. It also means we will continue to be a part of their social media and fans will get to see us at Sean Cody sponsored events around the country. 2020 was off to a great start with the porn summit and a dancing appearance in Chicago. We hope to get to meet more of our fans when public health will allow us all to travel, party, and work again (in that order).

Awesome! Did you have a final message?

We want all the Sean Cody fans to know that we love their support and always enjoy meeting them via messenger or in person at club events. We have met only kind and supportive individuals. We perfect our scenes to the best of our abilities because of the way they inspire us with their messages. Thank you to the fans. And thank you JJ Malibu! We are huge fans of yours, and I hope we inspire you, too 😍😍❤️😘

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