Dating Tips During Covid19 with David and Dave

Allan Binalla

Dave and David have been together for about 7 years now and married for over two.  They met on the dating app OkCupid. David works for a healthcare medical device company leading a global implementation team and Dave works as an attorney.

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How do you guys feel now 2 years after your wedding and watching your love story?

It makes us laugh because we still argue about the same things like the dishwasher and paper towels! 😂 Even more now that we are together 24/7!  But we are also proud that while we hear some couples are ready to choke each other, we’ve done pretty well adapting to being together so much.  Looking back on that video shows we started with a really good foundation for where we’ve grown over the past two years.

How has Covid19 changed things for your relationship?

Well, I’ve always worked from home except when traveling, but now Dave is here too. So it’s almost like he’s moved into my “office”.  We sit at the same table and have had to make a lot of concessions about noise and business calls.  It was bumpy at first while we figured the logistics out but we’ve gotten into a routine now.  Definitely “First World” problems, but we’ve struggled most with missing the gym and haircuts!  Luckily we bought some workout bands behind the lockdown, so that’s helped and we’ve actually started working out together more (previously our work schedules rarely allowed that).

We also always had weekly date nights, but now we do them at home.  Each week we alternate on Friday’s with who gets to pick a local restaurant to support.  We get takeout and then cuddle up with a movie.  Right now we are making our way through the Harry Potter series again. Lol

We still try to get time to ourselves too to remain sane.  Dave goes and runs stairs in the community and I go for runs around the park.

What tips do you have for couples struggling to date during Covid19?

We recently started designating one of us to plan the date night.  A few weeks was Dave’s turn to plan.  He knows I loved the first Trolls Movie, so he bought the second movie on Amazon for us to watch and he ordered food from my favorite restaurant.  As an extra surprise and fun couples activity, he bought a Trolls LEGO village kit from Amazon that arrived the same day.  We had a lot of fun putting it together and having our Trolls themed night. Lol.  He’s been wanting to learn to line dance so this weekend I’m planning to find a line dance tutorial on YouTube and ordering BBQ. 😂.  I think the key is to still focus on making each other feel special.  It’s easy to slip into a boring routine when you’re together 24/7 but having something to look forward to like date night, will keep the spark alive!

As a couple, what’s the first place you guys plan to go when this is all over?

There are of course the basics that we definitely want ... barber, gym, sit down restaurant... but as a couple that loves to travel, and several of our planned trips got canceled, we just want to get out of town!!  We’ve been talking about a quick trip to Vegas or Palm Springs as soon as they drop the quarantine!

When do you think we can go out and travel again?

I think it’s going to be at least another month or two.  But I’m freaking out with all the Prides being canceled. I think all the towns will still do Pride in the bars. And house parties and pool parties on the same original weekends. Just festivals will be canceled.  That’s my guess at least.  The gays won’t let some virus ruin our pride!  Lol.

One year in San Diego it poured rain and the parade was a mess, the festival was a mud pit, but we all just stripped down to our undies and crashed the pool at my condo complex and we had a blast!  It was one of my favorite prides ever! Nothing will come between a gay and his Pride! Lol

I’m remaining hopeful and optimistic!  💪🏼💪🏼🙏🏼

Was there anything else you’d like to share?

Yes! We have been doing weekly virtual happy hours with Dave’s friends, my friends, and our combined friends.  We’ve played virtual games together etc.  it’s been really important to keep our social connections for sanity's sake and also just to support each other through all this craziness.


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