Cyber.Stud's Foursome Fantasy

Allan Binalla

Who is Cyber.Stud? Is he like your alter ego?

Oh, no. It’s only a character I created to sell my image better even though I do not show my face. I took a social media certificate to grow my visibility alone. I didn’t buy followers and I didn’t ask help from any social media agency.


Do any of your friends know about “Cyber.Stud”?

There are only a few people who know my real identity. My partner knows everything about Cyber.Stud and I found some new friends on Instagram. The friends I’ve made on Instagram. Aside from my partner, there is only one person in my real life that knows about Cyber.Stud but he is not on Instagram. 

You model a lot of underwear, what style is your favourite?

My favourite one is the classic thong! One of my favourite games is to do a mash-up, especially with JJ Malibu because I have so many items. It is easy to do mashups with your brand. 


What body part do you like the most?

I like showing off my whole body.  When you work hard as I do to get it, all you wanna do is being seen and worshipped. Anyway, I suppose my booty, pecs, and legs are my least, attending to Instagram stats. Last year, booty pics got more likes, but since the beginning of 2020 front pics are getting better, unexpectedly better. So, I usually show what followers want more, but I am always very careful not to make it inflated. So I try alternating front/back pics, angles, lights. I have a big limit: all my pics are taken indoors so I have to create something different to show better what I show every day. I don’t want my fans to get bored 😉


We never get bored! You mentioned being worshipped. I am guessing you love to be muscle worshipped?

Yes! I love it! What turns me on is being oiled and receiving long massages mostly on my pecs and quads. Then I love it when massages go towards my calf and hamstrings muscles and go up to my glutes. I love being worshipped when I’m with dominant guys. It’s something to which I cannot resist. I think it’s the best way to get special access to my ass 😂😂😂

Of course, it’s also important who is worshipping me. I usually don’t give me so easily. But if I give me, I give a lot of me.


Have you ever had group sex?

Group sex is one of my most prohibited dreams. I would take part in some orgy. But as I told you I don’t give me so easily. I have a fine taste. I don’t fuck just to cum. And where I live there’s not a great choice. I don’t live in a big metropolis. So I never had the chance to have a big group sex experience. I have had many threesomes, with a couple of friends, and my partner and I have had a foursome, but it's never gone beyond number 4.

If you could choose two people to join you and your partner in a foursome, who would it be?

Oh, I have a long list. stephen_somewhere_on_earth and his husband. He has always been an inspiration and we have the same taste in underwear. You asked me 2 people, but on Instagram, I follow a lot of sexy fit couples I would like to play with. On OnlyFans this month I am following RC and Digger. I find them very sexy. Hunterbigham2 and his husband are very attractive. Krdonaldson and his husband too! I have a big virtual friendship with a3m1n83 and I follow his boy 1lar10 too. My favorite pornstars are Trenton Ducati, Adam Killian, Manuel Skye, and Francois Sagat. 



In this foursome are you top, bottom, or vers?

I am versatile always. Of course, if my sexual partner is a top I can only be a bottom or only a top if my sexual partner is a bottom. But I don’t like those bottoms who take dicks and don’t even get hard. I like dick. I can understand if you don’t want to fuck me because you prefer getting fucked, but at least I need to suck your dick before fucking you. And I would like that your cock stays hard while I am giving you mine. 


How long can you last in bed?

A lot. I usually cum and turn hard soon after and cum again. I usually cum twice, but if I am very excited and we have time to play I can get three times. My record is 4 in one night only. But it doesn’t happen so often.

What is your best sex tip?

I don’t have sex tips. But I have a general rule. When you are to fuck, just fuck. Free your mind and think that you and your partners in that moment are in the same place just to have fun. So...enjoy and cum. Of safe. I don’t use prep. I prefer condoms. I think they are safer. But always safe!

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

We live in a world where no one is ashamed to hate. Socials are full of haters and they are not ashamed. But in this world, there are still places where people are ashamed to love. This is the world in which we live: a place where you are not ashamed to be a social hater, but where you have to be ashamed to love someone, or to practice free sex, or to be just yourself. We have a lot of work to do to change this world and make it a better place. This is important. It explains why cyber.stud is faceless more than other considerations.


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    Cyber stud you are just fantastic, smooth and muscular and a dream to admire! Would love some direct contact but obviously you are wearing a mask like in my dreams!! Take care x

    April 27, 2020

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