Big Biceps & Small Town with brofessorpro

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Introduce yourself!

Interview with Sexy Daddy Mike Parent aka BrofessorPro

I’m Mike, I’m a professor and also a classic physique bodybuilding competitor. During the past few months, I’ve been keeping busy working from home, playing with my pitbull, and working out in my home gym. I got started with bodybuilding because, with three older brothers, movies like Predator and Commando were on all the time in my house! But, in my tiny country town of 1000 people, there wasn’t a gym. So, I made due by putting books in a cooler and lifting with that at first!

Who did look up to growing up as a kid?

Interview with Sexy Daddy Mike Parent aka BrofessorPro

Growing up in a tiny town, there weren’t a ton of people I was able to look up to. Some of my brothers’ friends were really cool, though, and a few of them were the only real bodybuilders to come out of the town.

What was it like growing up in a small town?

It sucked. Even in Canada, the town was really conservative and there was homophobia from teachers, churches, and people in the community. My little town was actually in the news for driving out some gay and African Canadian business owners, for a town that definitely could not afford to lose business interest.  I was super happy to leave that town.

Do you mind sharing a tough experience you had growing up gay in a small town?

There was nothing violent or anything. But at the time same-sex marriage was being legalized in Canada, and there was just a constant stream of negativity and homophobia from the religious leaders in town and even some teachers. Not the idea most people have of Canadians, for sure.

When did you move out?

When I was 18 I moved out to go to university in Winnipeg.

When did you fully become comfortable being openly gay?

Interview with Sexy Daddy Mike Parent aka BrofessorPro

Haha I mean I was good with it at like 12, but the town didn’t catch up. Moving to the city was so much better.

How old are you?


Would you consider yourself a daddy?

Interview with Sexy Daddy Mike Parent aka BrofessorPro

Lollllll we can say I said yes.

What do you consider “daddy material”?

Haha well sometimes ppl are like “hey daddy” and yeah They’re older than me lol

What kind of men are you attracted to?

Funny, smart, cute. Definitely more nerdy and not party animals haha.


Would you consider yourself a nerd?

Yeah definitely. I love sci go and horror and science podcasts. I like dorky comedy. My job is mostly doing math.

Cool! What’s your favourite movie/podcast out there?

Haha office ladies, and also race chaser. For movies, Event horizon. For TV, Babylon 5.

What’s the best underwear to wear when working out?

JJ Malibu! Super breathable and comfy :-). Boxer briefs for sure. 

What do you think is your sexiest feature?

Interview with Sexy Daddy Mike Parent aka BrofessorPro

Oh gosh haha I suppose arms! Got big ole arms.

What’s the best workout to get big arms like yours?

Interview with Sexy Daddy Mike Parent aka BrofessorPro

I do a mix of heavy lifts for only a few reps and lighter ones that really get them pumped.

What's the key to success when it comes to fitness?

Definitely consistency first. Gotta keep going and eating right and lifting heavy.

Do you have advice for people that want to get into bodybuilding? Like how do they start?

Definitely read some things online, and talk to people. Most people who lift heavy are happy to talk (probably wait until you can catch them when their workout is over, not right in the middle of something tho!).

What’s your biggest pet peeve when you're at the gym?

Ugh, definitely guys who have an attitude and are rude. Honestly, I think it’s mostly people who just started at the gym and think that’s how people act there.

How have you been staying fit during Covid19?

Interview with Sexy Daddy Mike Parent aka BrofessorPro

I have a Bowflex at home and I use a kickboxing stand up bag for cardio. Rates on infection are so high in Texas that I don’t want to hit the gym much.

What are your plans when things get better after the pandemic?

Well, I’ve been busy with work so far, but I definitely need to travel, see some of my friends, and get to an EDM concert or two!

What’s first on your list?

Interview with Sexy Daddy Mike Parent aka BrofessorPro

I’d love to take a relaxing trip to Cancun or something first, but then hopefully Vegas or wherever there is an EDM show!

Do you have a final message?

I hope everyone is doing well and social distancing!! There will be a ton of time to party and have fun when the hospitals aren’t packed anymore! If you see me at an EDM show say hi!!


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