Beach Parties & Bananas

Allan Binalla
A well-deserved summer is here! This means more time on the Beach and less time hibernating away indoors. Beach parties and bananas go hand in hand, yes sculpting the perfect summer body is no joke. JJ Malibu has the perfect solution…  the Morning Banana! 😉

The Morning Banana is Calling 

There is loads of research out there that shows how well bananas can fit in your diet plan perfectly, get your body-snatched, simply by eating bananas in the mornings. Yes, sex in the morning can obviously help you to get your cardio in but adding the morning banana diet to your lifestyle can help you achieve those long-forgotten summer body goals. The plan is quite simple for breakfast you can eat as many as four bananas washing it down with lukewarm water. 

Other Meals & Rules 

For lunch and dinner, you can virtually eat whatever you normally eat. This requires no further changes in your diet. You must, however, eat before 8 pm and drink at least 3 litres of water a day. It's not recommended that you snack but if you're not satisfied with The Morning Bananas you can add dark chocolate, fresh fruits or veggies as a snack in between meals. It is also important that while you’re on this diet you sleep before Midnight. 
When all is said and done these Bananarama short shorts will help you to show off that summer body in just the right ways.


JJ Malibu Stud 

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