Year of the Ox: Sexy Asian Men Love Horoscope Edition

Allan Binalla

Year of the Rat

HankOnly Yonehayashi

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For Couples: There will be a many serene moments of affection and passionate sex. Your partner will do everything he can to make you happy.

For Singles: You will continue to dream and hope for great love. However, you must be patient because it is only around the end of the year you might find the right guy. 

Year of the Ox


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For Couples: The love between you and your partner will continue to grow and deepen which may lead to marriage. 

For Singles: You have already met Mr. Right! He is actually part of one of your friend groups!

Year of the Tiger



For Couples: You can expect your rocky relationship to become steady and stable. 

For Singles: You will meeting new love partners throughout the year. However, be a bit cautious when getting involved in a romantic relationship this year! Things may not go as planned but you will grow spiritually and emotionally. 

Year of the Rabbit



For Couples: You might expect the beginning of the year to be a bit tough on your relationship. You will find a solution but getting there will come with a lot of frustration. After working through your issues you will find that they will disappear and you can enjoy peace and happiness with your partner. 

For Singles: You will be able to snag a boyfriend with your sexy and devilish charm! Get ready for hot, sexy and passionate nights of romance. 

Year of the Dragon



For Couples: In order to keep your current relationship you may need to make some compromises!

For Singles: You have been looking for a lover but it turns out you've already met him! He might be your co-worker, classmate or best friend!

Year of the Snake


For Couples: You'll be able to snag a man with your romantic charm and sense of humor. You can find yourself in a relationship but remember to check yourself because you are known to the jealous type. 

For Singles: You are strong but your ego might take a hit after rejection. You'll get through it by learning to love yourself and appreciate your own achievements. 

Year of the Horse

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For Couples: Pay more attention to your partner and less about the superficial things. Remember what your main priority is.

For Singles: You're a handworker but that may stop you from meeting your match! Do not get too carried away and immersed from work because you will potentially miss out on a partner.

Year of the Goat



For Couples: This will be a lucky year of love for you. You are very loving, romantic and passionate when you find yourself in a relationship. 

For Singles: You have a lot of chances of love this year! A relationship may bloom with a Rabbit or Horse. There is also the chance of love at first sight with the Pig! 

Year of the Monkey



For Couples: You are absolutely filled with life and love this year. However, if you are in a relationship with a Tiger you might be fighting more than usual and sad. 

For Singles: You will find an irresistible attraction towards the Rat or Dragon. It is an ideal year to find your life partner.  You might go through a couple of one night stands this year but a serious relationship may be found if you are patient. 

Year of the Rooster


For Couples: Take the time to appreciate and pay attention to your partners needs because you might lose his support. 

For Singles: The best time for you to look for love is in July. You may find long term relationships with an Ox or Snake. You believe in long term relationships but you are also a big flirt! 

Year of the Dog

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For Couples: This will be stable year for you and your man. Whatever you are doing, it is working!

For Singles: You will potentially find a lover in the first parts of the year! Keep an eye out for him.

Year of the Pig



For Couples: 2021 will be a good year for you and your man! You can expect to be happier than you were before.

For Singles: If you are single there is the possibility you MIGHT get married this year. 


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