Turnt it up for 2020 Hunty

Kendrew M

New Year, New Resolution! Let’s create fantasies about what the next year will bring, maybe they will come true! 

  1. Be more active . . . sexuallyTall hairy man in short shorts and cap hugging and kissing topless asian man on head at a club
  2. Become a skinny legendTattooed man wearing JJMalibu white camo underwear standing on condo balcony
  3. Get that extra cardio in. By walking faster for that ice coffeeHeavily tattooed guy walking down street in camo speedos with palm trees in background
  4. Go on as many vacations as humanly possibleMan in JJ Malibu pain splash speedo standing on the front of a boat facing away from camera in Maspalomas
  5. Remember people's names so you don't’ have to keep calling them “babe” Red haired guy standing in middle of the street wearing blue briefs with weinner dog pattern
  6. Become 100% THAT bitchAsian man laying in mint green bed wearing baby speedo with yellow fish bone pattern
  7. Grow a beard

    Muscular hairy man standing on beach wearing jjmalibu blue speedos with killer whale patern

  8. Do more underwear modelling for JJ MalibuLatino man sitting on a white bed facing away from the camera wearing white briefs with JJ Malibu label on his bum
  9. Get that thicc 🍑 Find out how HEREBlack man taking picture of his bubble butt in the mirror wearing a black jjmalibu thong with white pineapple logo
  10. Get all that negative energy out by having a kikiBlack man with dreads pulled up in bun posing in front of house plants wearing black jj malibu briefs

Stud of the week leandrr__Man looking out window wearing only white JJ Malibu briefs

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