Straight Guys for Gay Guys: Very Strong Straight Ally Gavin Goh

Allan Binalla

Introduce yourself!

Gavin Goh

Greetings everybody! My name is Gavin and I'm an IT consultant by day. Underwear model all other times, of course, 😊 I was born in London as a Malaysian but grew up in Shanghai and Birmingham, and currently living in Singapore, I don't really have a home, but I am a citizen of the world 😁 Despite what people see on the surface, I'm actually a geek at heart. I enjoy playing games and Sci-fi stuff when I'm not at the gym or circuit parties of course.

Are you gay? 

Lol many people ask that, but I'm just a very strong straight ally.

So how often do people mistaken you as gay?

Gavin Goh

Perhaps on a daily basis 🤭 it probably doesn't help that I have a rainbow badge on my work bag.

Who is your man crush? 

Hmm? Ryan Reynolds? Haha. 🤣🤣 He's too charming and it seems like he would be fun.

Haha, and have you ever done anything with a guy?

Oh wow! Haha hmm, I have made out with a guy before in Birmingham England, but that's about it.

Oh! Any sparks 😱? Would you do it again?

It was years ago, and I recall thinking that it was quite similar to kissing a girl, but no sparks. I think I'm ok with the idea of it but can't say it excites me. He was a handsome and muscular black guy haha.

So have you always been a strong straight ally?

Gavin Goh

I think so. It wasn't until my mid-20s that I eventually found out that my best friends during primary school and then again in middle school turned out to be gay. Even today, majority of my friends are gay 😊

What's the best way a straight person can support their gay friend?

By treating them just like any non-gay friend. Listen and respect them if they are going through something different that you may not understand, but I think ultimately being gay doesn't make them any different than your other straight friends. Maybe they're more fun though.

Why would you say gay people are more fun? 😜

I think gay people who have come out of the closet tend to be more open-minded and sure of themselves. They have nothing to hide and thus are able to live their true and best lives. Can't say the same for even more straight people.

Does being a very active and supportive straight ally make girls a little skeptical?

It does! I dated a girl last year who kept insisting I was gay! It stems from toxic masculinity which I feel is ridiculous. We should be allowed to act or dress however we like, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Why can't a straight guy wear a tight pink JJMalibu tank top? 🙄

What's it like being a straight guy at a circuit festival? And why do you choose to attend gay circuit parties instead of other commonly straight events?

It's amazing! I think everybody is just there to have a good time and it's nice to see different groups just enjoying the event together. I think straight people tend to be more protective and closed off within their own groups. You definitely never ever see a fight break out at circuit festivals 😁’

There's just so much love all around!!

So what do you do when all your gay friends run off to hook up with someone after a party?

I hold the camera ... JK! I usually need my beauty sleep after the party. Gotta get ready for the parties the next day.

Have you ever filmed any of your friends? 👀

Haha no! I don't work that side of the camera as well 😂

Oh! So does that mean you’ve been recorded? 


So you’ve lived and traveled a lot of places. You’ve also attended a lot of circuit parties. Which one is the best? 

Mmm, I would have to say White Party Bangkok. The production is usually very good and mixed with friends from all over the world coming together for new years eve is amazing!

So, what do you wear to circuit parties?

Shorts with pockets and a harness. Simple. 

What’s your favorite type of underwear? 

Gavin Goh

I like trunk cuts. They're comfy for everyday wear, yet sexy enough for parties 😊

How do people stay sexy in quarantine like you?

Lol I do a lot of zoom workouts with my friends. A good way to 'socialize' too.

People on IG wanted to know what’s the biggest orgy you’ve been in!  👀 

Lol hmm... Participating, only 3. As a spectator, maybe 9?

Guys and girls? 

Yeap. Mixed-gender interracial sex ball. I was just watching. It was just 4 guys and 5 girls on top of each other haha. I was just watching the main 'group'. Too shy to join in but was interesting to watch 😂

Would you join in next time?

Haha maybe.

Do you have any kinks?

Gavin Goh

Hmm, I quite enjoy public places 🙈. Shopping mall, movie theater, car, park, swimming pool, club. 

What do you like about having sex in public? 

Hmm, good question. Convenience maybe? 😂 Sometimes the mood just hits.

How big is your 🍆?

Lol never measured. Big enough 😁

Someone on IG also wanted to know when you were going to shave? 😂😂

Gavin Goh

Lol maybe soon? Now that the lockdown is over and I've done some shoots with the fuzz, I can shave 😋

Did you have a final message?

It was fun! Can't wait for JJMalibu to throw more parties in Asia 😁


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