RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 - Mid-Season Ruview

Justin Singh

With half of the season 13 queens gone, we are only a few episodes away from the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13. With that being said, this season definitely hasn’t been a disappointment in terms of ups and downs, gag-worthy moments, drama, and controversy, all while being filmed through a pandemic. Let’s look back at some of the best moments as we count down the last few episodes until the top 4! 


1. Porkchop Loading Dock


We all know Mama Ru likes to twist it up a few times here and there, and season 13 was no different. Instead of a fun musical challenge or wild photoshoot, the girls were forced to lip sync against each other! The losers found themselves in the Porkchop Loading Dock where they awaited their fate.


2. Elliott With 2 Ts eliminated three times

Elliott should now change her name to Elliott With Three Lives. She ended up getting eliminated by Tina Burner alongside Kahmora Hall, she got eliminated from the Porkchop Loading Dock by the losing team, and then, finally, she was sent home by Utica Queen in episode 8. Will RuPaul bring her back again a fourth time?


3. Losers circle destroys winners circle


After having two different premieres and Rumixes of RuPaul songs, I think it’s expected to have the winners circle outshine the losers circle, but this wasn’t the case. The losers definitely showed that they’re all winners and can outperform the winners when the time comes.


4. Tamisha. Iman. Is coming. For you.


National treasure Tamisha Iman got in a heated argument with fellow Season 13 sister Kandy Muse in Untucked when Tamisha shared an opinion on some of the girls and it didn’t sit right with Kandy. At the end of the day, Tamisha said what she said. 


5. Rosénali


Rosé and Denali are clear fan favourites this season. They also seem to favour each other in the competition, and their bond is undeniable. Even Margolis the psychic felt something in the air when she sat down with the queens in episode 10. The relationship, however, is nothing more than friendship since both queens have boyfriends back home. It’ll only happen in our dreams.


6. Symone’s Black Lives Matter dress


Symone’s looks have killed the runway every time, but her fascinator runway hit a bit different. She took the opportunity to pay homage to those who unjustly lost their lives in America due to racism and police brutality in America. She left the judges, and the world, speechless. She showed us what true drag is.


7. JJ Malibu brings it to the runway


We did it bitches! Your favourite brand of underwear and clothing made it to Drag Race! The pit crew definitely looks good in JJ Malibu and so can you. Together we’ll make it to the top 4.


What were some of your favourite moments and who are you rooting for to make it to the top 4? Let us know! 

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