Meet Professional Piggie Yoshi Kawasaki

Allan Binalla

Yoshi Kawasaki is an International inked Japanese pornstar, live performer & professional piggie!


 What kind of guys are you attracted to?

I’m not that picky with guys I am attracted to. I used to be a big-time size queen, (I mean I love big dicks, don’t get me wrong) but at this point in my life, I will go to bed with him as long as he has fists. With that said, I cannot deny that I have things for skinny bold guys. I just find them so damn charming.


What is a professional piggie?

I used to call myself that, since I was looking for a different name for a cheap whore. Now I actually like being called a cheap whore because it sounds more degrading :)


What is the naughtiest/kinkiest thing you've ever done?

Not sure if this is naughty enough, but once I went to a sex club in London, tied up in a sling blindfolded, and was used and abused all night long. At the end of the night, my hole was just a pulp. If male body could get pregnant, there would be no way to find out who is the father. 



What is your favorite position? 

Doggie style is my favourite. I love being taken control over. Makes me feel like I’m just a piece of meat or hole to fuck.


Who's dick are you craving for these days?

Anyone’s dick. 


How do you satisfy your sexual desires in quarantine?

I play with a very close friend of mine, who is also into fisting. Since we are neighbours, I just text him, or vice versa, and we play until we can’t feel our legs. Also, I have started playing with my dildos every time I take a shower now. So my hole is sloppier than ever. I might be able to take double fists sooner than I thought...



Who do you want to film with next?

I would LOVE to film with Rocco Steele. I was supposed to do a live show with him once in Darklands 2019, but unfortunately he could not make it that time. I still want to meet him in person and work with him for sure.


Where do you like a guy to finish?

In my pussy. ALWAYS.


Is there anything else you'd like to say?

I am currently working on creating my own porn production, It is not ready to launch yet, but I believe I will be able to present it to the world by this summer! So stay tuned! ;)

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