Can an Open Gay Marriage Work? - Interview with Pablo Hernandez

Justin Singh

Pablo Hernandez is a rising star on social media. This handsome man with a beautiful smile and even more beautiful body recently proposed to his boyfriend Joey Diamond (@jdiamondisme). The two are in the top percent on Only Fans, and are very well known on other social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter. 

Pablo Hernandez (@the1pablohernandez) with Joey Diamond (@jdiamondisme)

To many people, open relationships can be considered taboo. Pablo and Joey know how to make it work, and are even ready to take it to the next level with an open marriage. Divorce has been becoming very common in the current world, especially in Hollywood. In the new generation, young people are finding that open relationships are a way to keep long-term relationships fresh, exciting, and intimate.

In an exclusive interview with JJ Malibu, Pablo Hernandez opens up about his engagement, and shares how he and Joey Diamond keep their relationship healthy and exciting while blocking out all the hate and negative criticism that always comes when you have a platform.

The Pablo Hernandez Interview: 

Hello Pablo Hernandez! Thank you for talking with us at JJ Malibu today. We hope you’re doing well. Congratulations on the engagement, your Instagram pictures looked amazing! 

Pablo Hernandez with Joey Diamond photographed by Jackelyn Marcos (@jmpmiami_)


When you were growing up, did you always see yourself getting married eventually?

Growing up I saw myself getting married to a woman. I dated girls as a teenager and had the same girlfriend for nearly 4 years. I remember thinking about how I would propose to her. I’ve always been a romantic. Did I ever see myself getting married to a man? Even after I came out of the closet at 17, I didn’t think about marrying a man because same sex marriage wasn’t even legal yet. 

Why did you and Joey Diamond decide to tie the knot?

Well we haven’t gotten married yet, but we will start planning the wedding once the world gets back to “normal” after Covid. We want our friends and family to be able to attend the wedding safely.

Who did you break the news first to? 

I’d been planning to propose 8 months before I popped the question. I knew the moment I started dating Joey that he’d be the man I’d want to spend the rest of my life with. I kept it a secret from everyone because I didn’t want anyone to spill the beans and ruin the surprise. Afterwards, we started calling our friends and family. His mom and grandma cried tears of joy 

How do you deal with conflicts in your relationship?

We have great communication with each other. Joey’s my best friend. I can tell him anything without fear of being judged or rejected. We have bumps in the road like any relationship does. Sometimes we work them out easier than other times. Honesty is another key to a happy relationship. 

 Do you think gay men have trouble settling down? Why or why not?

I wouldn’t generalize that gay men have trouble settling down. I think some people may have a hard time settling down for many different reasons. I think that lack of confidence affects a lot of us and until we realize that we are worthy of love, happiness, intimacy, and companionship; how could you possibly settle down?  

Do you have fears that the title of “marriage” will change your current open relationship?

Our relationship is open with mutual respect and honesty. We aren’t running around fucking on the side. We speak candidly with each other about sex. In other words, when someone slides into our DMs, we’re both aware of it. There are no secrets between us. I don’t see anything changing after we get married. 

What are you most looking forward to being a married man, about the wedding, and/or about marriage itself?

I’m most looking forward to sharing my life with my best friend and growing old together. We’re definitely looking forward to starting a family too. We’re gonna be great dads. 

Being an influencer, your relationship is always in the public. How do you deal with the constant comments on your relationship?

Honestly, I try not to read into any negative comments. I focus on all the love and support we receive on the daily from our loyal followers. 

Any advice for anyone who is thinking of marriage, or thinking of proposing to their partner?

Rehearse your proposal speech! I had a rough idea of what I was going to say to Joey when I proposed, but I didn’t want to write it down because I wanted it to come from the heart. Big mistake. When the moment came for me to drop down on one knee, I choked up and I could barely speak. All I was able to mumble was “will…” as I struggled to speak. 

Any tips on making an open relationship/marriage work?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it louder for the people in the back: HONESTY, RESPECT, AND OPEN COMMUNICATION 

And finally, although it’s fresh, have you given any thoughts as to when and where you’d like to get married?

I don’t want to spoil any secret plans, but it’s going to be a destination wedding. Stay tuned for the date, location, and some surprise details😜


Thank you again, Pablo! All the best to you and Joey Diamond! Check out Pablo Hernandez in some of his favourite JJ Malibu pieces:

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