Allan Binalla


Is the equivalent of saying “yes”, “you do you” or “fierce!” There is no proper spelling for YASS! You can add as many A’s and S’s to the word. The more letters you add the more emphasis you are putting! 



Friend: “I finally slept with that guy I’ve been seeing”



Ki Ki

To have a real moment with someone or a group of people. During a Ki Ki people will be talking to each other and catching up and most likely spilling the tea. 


Friend: “What did you do with Ken last week when everybody left the party?”

You: “Honestly, we had a Ki Kii and it was so unexpected! We haven’t seen each other since New Year’s and it was nice to just connect with him”

Kai Kai 

Not to be confused with Ki Ki! A Kai Kai is when two drag queen has sex with each other.

Example: “I would not Kai Kai with MiMi Imfurst even if we were the last two people on the planet”


Tea is gossip and once you have the tea YOU NEED TO SPILL THE TEA! 


Example: “What’s the tea about your sugar daddy? Did he leave his wife yet?”


When you react to something intensely and with shock. 

Example: “Every time I see Britney Spears on Instagram I am GAGGED! You just never know with that girl”


What you call a friend and or fellow artist. It is a term of endearments combining the words honey and cunt.

Example: "YAAS Hunty! Let’s day drink on Tuesday because we deserve it!"


It is an action where you wittily make fun of someone’s personal flaws. Reading someone is basically roasting someone for their imperfections.

Example: “Girl, if you go out on the main stage the judges will read you for filth. Take off that bodysuit now!


It is a form of blunt criticism pointing out a person’s flaws or faults. This is different from reading because it is not always done in a funny way. 

Example:“She was not reading me! She was throwing shade!”


A term used to describe someone or something that is incredibly amazing and excessively hot.

Example: “Little Mix is sickening. Fifth Harmony is not”


To look like a real, biological woman and not a man dressed as a woman. 

Example: “Blair St. Clair and Plastique Tiara are fishy queens."


A person’s face. Derives from the word mugshot.

Example: “Girl.. did you see her mug? The blending was atrocious”


A term used by the gays to describe someone or something that possesses powerful and or beautiful quality. 

Example: “At dinner, the guy was a little shy. But hunty… in bed … he was fierce”


Is a word that can be used as a reaction similar to "fierce" or "YASSS". It can also be used to tell someone to give an outstanding presentation and do their best. 

Example: "OMG. WERK! Britney Spears is killing it" or "You better werk that stage tonight. You need to pay off last month's rent still" 

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