Abhinav Goyal

Charlie's Angels are back and they are badder than ever! In honor of the movie's tag line of "Bad Girls Never Looked So Good" we wanted to show you to look bad as hell all situations. Being confident and looking like a bad ass is not just an article of clothing, It's an attitude. A bad ass one.


Unfortunately, for most people, it takes more than just a piece of clothing to project the bad boy guy image. Here are some tips on how to look like a bad ass in any situation.


FIT: make sure the item is the right fit. Don't get something too big or too small, find an item that fits your body type.


MATERIAL: Pay attention to the hardware details – zips, buckles, buttons, straps & etc.


STYLE: a stylish piece is a great way to express your personal style

HAVE FUN: Don't be limited by fashion trends wear what makes you feel 100% you.

Check out our harnesses and have fun looking good being bad.

JJ Malibu Stud of the Week: Andrew Vastardis

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