Deep Dive into Aidan Faminoff

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Introduce yourself!

Aidan Faminoff Canadian National Team Diver

Hi, my Name is Aidan Faminoff. I am a retired collegiate, Canadian national team diver. I am now residing in Vancouver BC after graduating from Florida State with a bachelors in Sports management.

What was the kickstart to your instafame?

Aidan Faminoff Canadian National Team Diver

The kickstart to my instafame was when I came out. I shared my coming out story in 2016 with OUTSPORTS. I did not know it would blow up and lead into me gaining a following. I am very fortunate that my story can help others feel comfortable in their own skin and help them be their true authentic selves.

What’s next for you and your modelling career?

Aidan Faminoff Canadian National Team Diver

While at this time my main focus is pursuing work in my field of study. My main focus now with my modelling career at this time would be to connect with my followers on a more authentic representation of who I am outside of the pool. I still love to do photoshoots and just to have fun and express my creative side. So, if anyone reading this wants to book me, send a DM!


Would you want to be a foot model?

If people want me to be a foot model and if it pays well, I will not turn down an opportunity to make money!

What are you most thankful for?

I am most thankful for being able to help others by sharing my story. I have had multiple conversations with people who connected with my story and said I inspired them and made the transition easier. After hearing this I did not know that my story had that much of an impact, and it inspired me to keep living my true authentic self in the hopes it will inspire others to be who they truly are.


Do you have a boyfriend?

I do not have a boyfriend. 

Do you like Taylor Swift? If so, Folklore or Evermore?

I do like Taylor Swift, but I am not a die-hard fan. It is terrible for me to write this, but I have not listened to either of her new albums.

What is your favourite book?

 My favorite book at this moment would be Jonathon Van Ness “Over The Top.” This book makes you laugh so hard, weep like a baby and fills you with joy. I am OBSESSED with JVN!


Are you top or bottom?

Aidan Faminoff Canadian National Team Diver

I like to leave it up to the people’s imagination if they think I am a top or a bottom. 


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  • David Martin said:

    I like all the interview. But i dont think it really matters if you top or bottom. What matter that you are with someone who is into you and you are both responsible.

    February 10, 2021

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