Cancer Survivor & Bad Bitch David Perre

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Introduce yourself!

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Ciao baby! My name is David. I may have a sweet face, but my name without the 2nd D is diva spelled backwards. Beware. I’m hilarious, right? Anyway I’m 24 years of age and I was born and raised in Gilbert, Arizona. The only place on Earth where it’s so hot that the chickens lay hard-boiled eggs. You may recognize me from Todrick Hall’s “I Like Boys” music video. Let’s get real though, most of you probably recognize me by my butt, and I’m here for it. I only trust people who like big butts, they cannot lie.

What style of underwear is your favourite?

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My personal favorite underwear style is a jockstrap. It’s basically a push-up bra for your butt. Keep those cakes perky!

What size do you wear from JJ Malibu?

I’m a medium!

What is your workout routine?

David Perre Ass

Oof that’s a loaded question. It’s basically 2 hours of picking things up and then putting them down 4-5 days a week.

How often do you focus on your butt?

David Perre Interview

Every fourth workout is leg day for me. (Chest->back->arms->legs) I don’t have just the cakes, honey. I got a whole bakery back there.

How did you become so confident?

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I came out of chemotherapy when I was 17 with a completely different outlook of myself. You’re given one body while you’re on this planet, so it’s important to love every beautiful and ugly part of yourself because all of those things come together to make you, YOU. You better love yo self bitch!

Would you feel comfortable talking about having cancer at a young age and sharing your story?

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Totally! I’m an open book and love to share my story. You never know who needs a little light and inspiration.

In 2012, I felt like an invincible 16 year old that couldn’t be touched. I had just started my junior year in high school and felt like I had leveled-up in my little world. Nothing could have prepared me for September 10th. I was taken to the emergency room for appendicitis, a very common surgery. However, when I woke up I was surrounded by my family, friends, and a priest standing at the end of my bed (I come from a strongly catholic, Italian family) anyway my surgeon asked everyone to leave the room and sat by my bed. Turns out it wasn’t my appendix he removed, but a 6.5 pound tumor sitting in my lower right abdomen.

I honestly have no idea how that thing was hiding inside of me considering I was a little twink teenager. The next day on September 11, I was diagnosed with stage II Liposarcoma. An extremely rare cancer that thrived in the natural fat that made up my intestines. When the word “cancer” came out of his mouth, my heart fell into my stomach and it started to feel like the world around me was falling apart. My mommy had been diagnosed with ALS the month prior, so I hadn’t even processed that before being handed this. It’s very traumatic living under the same roof with 2 people facing life-threatening illnesses. But my mom was my cheerleader and gave me the courage and strength to face the path I was about to begin.

I immediately started chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It wasn’t long before the hair on my head started to fall out, and I became severely underweight. When I went bald, my mom convinced me I was just a walking mannequin and I would strut the hospital halls like it was a runway! She never let me lose who I was. Anytime I felt insecure about how skinny, bald, or botched my surgery scars were, my mom was always right there to pick me right back up and make me smile. The months went on, and finally on February 13, 2013, I finished my chemotherapy and I was deemed cancer-free!

I instantly started hitting the gym and eating the house down boots because I was extremely determined to feel healthy and look good naked. There’s nothing like being given a second chance at life! Cancer is treatable, but ALS is not. My mother passed away in January of 2015. I owe my life to her, she is all that I am. The unconditional love, acceptance, and motivation a parent shows their child is colossally important. When the world brought me to my knees, she showed me courage, strength, and confidence. Everything has made me grow in ways I didn’t know I could, and now I’m titanium. Always always just keep swimming!

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  • Shawn Henderson said:

    Ooo wow it looks like you never had cancer but I’m sorry you lost your mom I know how that feels because I lost my mom in 2006 she died from a broken heart. But Anyway nice Bounce back keep your sexy body 😍

    July 21, 2020

  • Andrew D. said:

    David perre is the most beautiful soul on the planet! Great interview

    June 16, 2020

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