Canada's Drag Race Season 2 Episode 5 Rucap: Bye Flop

Justin Singh

Last week we saw the queens do their best celebrity impressions in the long-awaited Snatch Game, and got some iconic moments from Synthia Kiss. It was totally bananas, babe, and a well deserved win. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Suki Doll, after her Yoko Ono performance. More like Yoko Oh-no.  Her positive spirit and amazing runways, and sassy personality will definitely be missed for the rest of the season.

As a new week begins, the queens enter the workroom and read Suki Doll’s message Pythia is sad to see her fellow Montreal sister leave the competition. Adriana shares that she was shocked that she didn’t have to lipsync, and Eve agrees. After a short message from Ru, telling the queens they need to “show up or hoe down,” Traci enters the werk room to begin the mini challenge.

The queens are tasked with sex education lessons, giving lessons and tutorials featuring Trojan condoms and lube. The queens pair up and get wild. But the win goes to Gia Metric and Synthia Kiss. Traci then introduce the next maxi challenge: The Girl Group Challenge. Queens will be split into teams of four and sing a country pop break up anthem titled “Bye Flop.” Since Gia and Synthia won the mini challenge, they’re the team leaders.

Synthia picks Kendall Gender, Kimora Amour and Eve 6000, and names their team the Dosey Hoes. Gia picks Pythia, Icesis Couture, and Adriana, and names their team The Giddy Girls. After a rusty Rusical performance, Eve 6000 and Icesis Couture both have a lot to prove in their girl groups. The teams are responsible for lyrics and choreography. For vocals, both teams record and receive tips from Canadian music icon Bif Naked.

Synthia and Adriana face a few hiccups during recording. During their choreography time, Kimora and Eve struggle to pick up choreography, and the Dosey Hoes lack cohesion as a group. Hopefully they can iron it out before elimination day.

It’s performance time, and the queens all get ready for their runway theme: “Monochromatica: Apocalyptic Pop Princess.” In the Werk Room, the queens discuss families. Icesis shares that her younger brother is also her drag daughter. Together, they create their own costumes for the Haus of Couture. Synthia also shares that her father is also gay, and her experience of coming out the same time as her own father. On the main stage, Brooke Lynn Hytes introduces the judges Brad Goreski, Traci Melchor, and Bif Naked.

First to perform Bye Flop is The Giddy Girls. Their performance is excellent and, and each queen performed well. The group had coordinating black outfits with cowboy hats. The Dosey Hoes don’t give an awful performance, but their group isn’t as cohesive. All of their looks are different and there were some missteps in the choreography on Eve and Kimora’s end.

After the performance and runway, Brooke announces that the Giddy Girls are the winning group, with Gia Metric being the top queen of the week. She wins a cash prize of $5000, courtesy of yours truly, JJ Malibu! Congratulations to Gia Metric, you killed it in the group and you were an amazing leader! Another well deserved win.

The remaining Giddy Girls are all safe. During judging, Synthia tells the judges she felt pressure for being the group leader, and tried to give everyone a say in the overall performance. The judges noticed this and said that giving too much individual input takes away from the group collective.

Brooke calls Kendall’s runway look is a bit basic and that her verse was her least favourite of the group. Brad loves Eve’s runway look, but the performance fell flat, which has been a common theme for Eve’s musical performances thus far. Brad and Traci love Kimora’s runway look and agree her performance was fun.

While the judges deliberate the queens chat backstage. Amongst the queens, they’re unsure of who will be lip-syncing. Following deliberations the judges save Kimora and Kendall, leaving Eve 6000 and Synthia Kiss to lip sync for their lives. Eve and Synthia lip sync to Bif Naked’s “I Love Myself Today.” After an explosive lip sync Brooke announces that Synthia Kiss will stay, and Eve 6000’s time has come to an official end. We will miss Eve’s realness, amazing beat, and fabulous runways.

What to expect next week: It’s time for a ball, and Canadian social media star Gigi Gorgeous is a guest judge!

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