3 Alternative Websites to OnlyFans

Sam More

OnlyFans ruffled a few feathers last week when they made the decision to ban NSFW content on their site beginning in October. However, the backlash was REAL and on August 25th, OnlyFans put out a statement saying the planned changes to the site would no longer be implemented due to the controversy surrounding the decision. OnlyFans may not be making the changes they said they would (and thankfully so) but that hasn't stopped creators being put off by the website. Some creators have started to look into alternative websites to start using. Today we’ll be listing 3 alternative websites that OnlyFans creators can look into for producing NSFW content for their fanbases.

1. JustForFans

JustForFans calls themselves the “ultimate adult blogging platform and marketplace”. This website, like OnlyFans, is subscription based. After OnlyFans controversial announcement last week, JustForFans released their own statement reassuring that explicit content will never be removed from their site. They also praised sex workers and people in the porn industry - saying their staff is “completely comprised” of them. Many creators on OnlyFans have also been using JustForFans for a while so they know the platform and how it operates. For fans, it’s quick and easy to learn and a great way to show support to your favourite creators. We love to see it!

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2. FanCentro

Another alternative website to OnlyFans is FanCentro. Once again, this website operates based on monthly subscriptions. They also offer the option for clips to be made for purchase. The one downside about using this site is they take a 25% cut of subscriptions, while OnlyFans takes 20%. However, this percentage can be made up with the clips made available to purchase from the creators. FanCentro has also been a vocal supporter of the rights of sex workers. In September 2020, the website launched “Centro University” which teaches creators how to produce content and build an online fanbase.

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3. LoyalFans

LoyalFans is another subscription based website that takes a 20% cut from creators subscriptions. Creators can post content that can be publicly viewed to entice potential subscribers or create content specifically for paying subscribers. The other good thing about LoyalFans is that creators can receive a 5% bonus if they sign up for the referral program, which gets you the extra percentage each time someone signs up for the site using your referral link.  

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