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Written By: Sheldon Spiel

It is that time of the year again, The season that reminds us to live in the moment. The season that removes shame from our minds, hate from our hearts and makes it is mandatory for us to be proud of who we are! Pride Season is filled with activities across the continent, it brings people together and creates space for people who are normally pushed into a corner or silenced. This Pride season JJ Malibu would like to share a few of our Malibu Mantras.

“I Give Myself Permission to Shine”

Pride Season is all about embracing the colours of the rainbow. Let your light shine this month. Don’t be overshadowed by other people's negativity! Don’t be shut down by hatred, or pushed aside by ignorance! Give yourself permission to shine!

“Today is Going to be a Good Day”

Allow yourself to focus on the best parts of your day and like our Drag Race Season 5 winner Jinkx Monsoon would say “its just Water off a duck's back” Today and every day can be a good day if you allow yourself to believe it.

“I am Worthy of Love”

Remember that Love Is Love and you are worthy of it! It's easy to think otherwise but this Pride Season will showcase Love of all different kinds. Allow yourself to give and receive Love. You are worthy of Love!

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