Your Guide to Humiliation Kinks

Sam More

We all have humiliating moments in our heads that torture us when we think about them. Whether that’s falling down in front of your crush in high school, flubbing a presentation or even a messy bottoming experience. Turns out for some though humiliation doesn’t equate to bad. Today we’ll be giving you the rundown on the wonderful world of Humiliation Kinks. 

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Humiliation kinks or as they’re more commonly referred to as, Humiliation play, is an erotic kink where an individual gets aroused by being, what they deem to be, humiliated. This kink is up for interpretation by the individual as being “humiliated” is subjective and differs person to person. 
Here are just a couple of examples of the types of humiliation play that get people’s rocks off.

  1. Verbal Humiliation. This could be getting called names in bed by your partner. Specific words and phrases that get your partner off are, again, subjective. Belittling language and mocking them is especially used in Dom/Sub play.  Whether it be something as tame as calling your partner “little bitch” or something more extreme... like what Kim Richards called Brandi Glanville in Season 2 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: slut pig! Now that’s some kinky shit. On the other end - some individuals like to be shamed. Even if it’s by strangers. Remember in Euphoria when Kat gets paid to make fun of men’s penis sizes on Skype? (Girl boss energy, c’mon SHE-E-O). Some people love to be shamed verbally like that, it gets them off to be viewed as “lesser than” by someone “better” than them in their eyes.

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2. Forms of Physical Degradation. With the humiliation kink, sometimes the submissive partner may be “punished” for not doing something up to their dom’s satisfaction. Such as, for example, licking a shoe, the floor or something else. This can go further and spill (no pun intended) into other types of kinks like water sports. These forms of degradation aren’t just in the bedroom either. I’ll never forget I was 3 drinks in at the local gay bar a few summers ago when I needed to use the bathroom. I went down the stairs to the restroom line and at the bottom of the stairs was a dom and her submissive. A woman in latex with a muscular, grown man on a leash on all fours. She must’ve seen the look of surprise on my face. I wasn’t judging, just didn’t expect to see a scene like that whilst “Me Too” by Meghan Trainor faintly plays in the background, you know? Anyways, she told me that her submissive partner was on punishment and had been walked around the gay village all night acting like a dog to humilate him. She then instructed him to lick my shoe, to which he obliged to before I could decline the offer. Let’s just say I left the gay bar with cleaner shoes than I entered with, which is a rarity. 

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Like with any other kink, humiliation play should be between two consenting adults and again, boundaries are important and should be in place! Like maybe you are good with being called a dumb slut but not a pathetic, worthless being? You know? It’s all about what feels good. Or what doesn’t… I can’t remember.

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