New Harness Designs

Allan Binalla

We have released some new harnesses on our website. 

We thought we’d take this opportunity to go over some fun and kinky designs we have in our store

Harnesses are like people they come in all shapes sizes and colours! Whether you’re new to this piece of accessory or a veteran it’s always nice to find something new. 

You have your basic pullovers with and without sleeve both perfect for those hot destinations or a fun circuit party like Oasis 2020.

Some zip up and have hoods.

Then we get into more traditional ring and straps

With this many different designs you’re bound to stand out at a party, even if you're at sea on a Caribbean Cruise Party

There are the decorative and more kinky designs with chains

Or the Fun and flamboyant ones with feathers to show off your personality at the next Sydney Mardi Gras Festival.

Whatever party you’re planning on going to we got you covered!


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