How to Hit The G Spot

We’ve all heard someone say that someone hit their “G Spot” one night and it was the best sex they’ve ever had in their life! Some people don't believe the G Spot exists but it does! If you are not sure if someone has ever hit your G Spot then we guarantee that it's never been found. That is because if someone ever found your G Spot you would know! It is a feeling like no other. However, before we go on about tips and techniques to stimulate the G Spot we'll have to explain what exactly is the G Spot. 

The G Spot can also be referred to as the P Spot. The G or P Spot is slang for your prostate. A man’s prostate is a gland just below the bladder and its primary function is to help sperm live long after it's been ejaculated. 

Here are some fun facts about the G Spot:

1. It is not that deep



If you think that you need a big dick to find someone's G Spot. You're wrong. A man's prostate is only 3 inches deep into the anus. 


2. The G Spot is not as tiny as you think



Your prostate does not reach its full potential until after puberty. Before you hit puberty the size of your prostate is the size of wheat grain. However, when you are fully grown the adult prostate is about the same size as a walnut.


3. Think outside of the G Spot



Unless your tongue is super long you will not be able to lick your man’s G Spot by rimming him. Instead, think outside and go for his perineum. The perineum is located between the balls and the anus. When you lick his perineum you are putting pressure on his prostate externally which maximizes pleasure.





If you have done research on how to improve your sex life. Kegel exercise will always pop up because they can do wonders for your sex life! Kegel exercises not only help you have more intense orgasms but they also stimulate your prostate! Doing kegel exercises strengthens your pubococcygeus muscles which help in having longer and more intense orgasms. The more you strengthen your PC muscles the longer your orgasms will last.

5. There’s a difference between a dildo and prostate massager



Dildos and prostate massagers are both sex toys that can bring you to a climax. However, they will make you reach that point in some different ways. Dildos are straight while prostate massagers are curved, vibrate and are specifically designed for prostate stimulation. 


6. Come here!



Before penetration, it's always a good idea to do some loosening up. Use your middle and index finger to do the “come here” motion towards you. This is the best fingering technique to hit the prostate. 

7. A full-body experience



A stimulated prostate will give you an orgasm like no other. Unlike a regular orgasm that focusses on the pleasure of your cock an orgasm that is triggered by rubbing against your prostate will result in a deeper, intense, and longer-lasting orgasm. 


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Jake September 11, 2020

I am very good at massaging a man’s prostate and find that using my index or middle finger works best while either giving my partner a handjob or blowjob. I have seen guys literally go into another dimension,! And it’s even.bettef when your partner does it to you as well. I have done this to several straight guys and they are blown away. If you haven’t tried this please watch a video and begin experimenting. It will put you in another dimension

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