Do’s and Don’ts of Cuffing Szn

Sam More

While it may be 2022, some things are timeless. Cuffing season is one of those things that (to quote T. Swift will) never go out of style. For those who don’t know what cuffing season is, it is when people get in to relationships (sexual or otherwise) for the colder months of year, commonly it is people who are for the most part non-comital usually and the relationships usually have an expiration date come Spring time. Most people are less motivated to socialize in the cold winter months so cuffing season offers a solution to that in the form of companionship. For some people this may a cute little BF for the winter months to bring home to those otherwise boring family Christmas parties and for some it may just be the one person you’re fucking for the winter. Regardless, today we will be listing some Do’s and Don’ts of cuffing season to make sure you’re fully equipped with what to do until April showers bring May flowers.

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Do: Make sure they’re a good fuck. Period.

Listen, winter is cold. And you’re gonna need someone to successfully warm you up in all the right ways. I say you have an audition period for this quality. You know, you can never really know how a car is going to drive until you take a test drive yourself? That applies to cuffing season. If you’re going to have just one person take you there the whole of winter, you gotta make sure they know what they’re doing! Or maybe your cuffing season partner is already someone you know? Maybe this is already a friends with benefits that you’ve mutually determined will be your person for the coming months. This is always a bonus as there will be no surprises in the bedroom. 

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Don’t: Ignore red flags!

When you spend a lot of time with one person, they can really let their guard down. When they do, it’s important to note how they treat you and if there are any red flags that are coming up early on. People have different red flags in relationships that specifically trigger them. This can be based on past relationships/experiences and can be deal breakers. Specifically for cuffing season, I think it’s important to never ignore red flags with someone you’re choosing to spend time with. The winter months and the holidays can be such fun times and you don’t want to be spending it with someone who is not matching you energetically. A great connection across all formats is what you want! Openly discuss the boundaries you have and make sure they respect them. And if they ignore or disrespect any of those boundaries, you can be sure to show them the door., Shop Briefs

Do: Choose Wisely…

If settling down with one person for the winter months appeals to you, you’re going to really need to turn on your picky side. Pick someone you genuinely have a good time with, and that can successfully fill whatever needs you have. Communication is important when choosing any type of partner and that is no different with cuffing season prospects. It’s important to know what both parties want and require out of whatever type of relationship it is, whether that be plainly sexual or something more. As previously mentioned, discuss boundaries and expectations for one another. Be mature and even if you do set expectations for how long your cuffing season partner will last, try to be open minded and go with the flow! You never know your cuffing season partner could turn into your partner for life. Stranger things have happened! 

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    “Do: Make sure they’re a good fuck. Period. Loved that you used the word period! #1Do

    May 22, 2022

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