Breaking Hearts Bodysuit - Black


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If you wanna feel sexy….

The breaking hearts bodysuit is incredibly sexy, the material feels so good against your skin, the cut and fit are perfection on my muscular body.

David Hume
Looks and feels great, but...

As some other reviews have mentioned, the size I ordered fits me well and is comfortable, but the shoulder straps are a little loose. In my case, only one of them is like that and slides around a bit.

Love it!

Fit perfectly and it is super sexy.
My boyfriend got completely crazy when he saw me in it!
And it is definitively very durable cause he pulled it and stretched it on every possible way.

Alejandro Paez
Excelent products and outstanding delivery service

Very satisfied with all process

Kniaz Magomet
This was my First Bodysuit and I Love it!

JJ Malibu is a great company to order from! I am very proud to say I ordered my 1st bodysuit here! It fits pretty well (before washing; I haven't re-tried it on yet), the material was nice and soft, and the color/ quality was 1000% on point. I really like how light and airy the material is and the high waist definitely accentuates the male figure in all the right places! I would recommend this sexy piece of clothing to pretty much anyone.

The only "bad" thing was I didn't see a way to track my package aside from an app they were suggesting I download (if I remember correctly), but aside from that, it came on time and in perfect condition. Thanks JJ Malibu!

My Body Stats:
Height- 5'10"
Weight- 158 lbs
Size Ordered- Small
Body Type- Average build, decent fat percentage, slender, thicker legs and butt than average for my size.
Overall fit (pre washing the Bodysuit and lightly drying it) - The straps were a tad bit loose, the body and thong area fit perfectly (snug), and the chest area fit was decent (not too snug not to loose). I don't know how well this would fit anyone that weighs less than I or has a skinnier body type, but it could work...

Sincerely, @kniaz_magomet on IG