What is a Chastity Cage?

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If you’ve been wondering what those metal cages on top of guys’ dicks are, those are chastity cages. A chastity cage is a specially designed cage that is used to lock up your penis preventing it from getting a full erection or using your penis at all. When you are locked up you cannot jerk off or masturbate. Some will say that you cannot orgasm but some are able to cum hands-free without touching their cocks. Usually, the only way the cage can be removed is by a “keyholder”. Although, many people will think this is a very odd and weird fetish. For many, being caged is an extreme turn on that increases sex drive. It is a device that will take your dom/sub relationship to new heights. 


Here are some reasons why people want to be locked up:

Sexual Tension

  • The inability to touch and please yourself over long periods heightens sexual tension. It is the mental game of knowing that you literally cannot do anything forcing you to savour any sexual pleasure you can get. You'll likely be begging on your knees for your dom to unlock you.  

An Orgasm You’ll Never Forget

  • After completely humiliating yourself in front of your dom he might think you’re worthy of being unlocked for one night. Savour the night because you’ll have one of the most intense orgasms from all that pent up sexual tension that’s been locked up.

Being His Slave

  • People want to be locked up because they want to please their master. It could be because you’ve been “naughty” therefore need to be punished or you want to show your master just show submissive you can be. Wearing a chastity cage encourages good behaviour and punishes bad actions. Your master holds the key to your cock and you’ll only be rewarded upon good behaviour. 

Before you commit to being locked up ensure you communicate with your master and do your research. Being a cage sub is a lot more than just physically wearing it, which is difficult in itself. It is trusting someone to be in control of your cock and sexual arousal. 


JJ Malibu Stud: @cagedjock



  • TexasOttr86 said:

    Chastity cages always seemed so weird to me until just recently… the guy I’m seeing and really care about is having trouble trusting me—which is my fault… he’s still giving me a chance, amazingly… and I’m trying to think of a way to prove my loyalty. I told him… if he buys a good quality one of these… I’ll ****ing WEAR IT to prove myself !!

    January 27, 2020

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