Valentine's Day Sex Positions You Need to Try for Gay Men

Happy Valentine's Day! 

You just spent the entire day out with your partner. Perhaps it was a romantic dinner with the man of your dreams at your favorite restaurant or a couple's pottery class! As the date goes on you think to yourself "how can this get any better?". You do not want the night to end after dinner. Tonight has to be special! Take the excitement into the bedroom with your man and have him experience a night he will never forget. 


If you are getting bored with your sex life and tired of doing the same positions every time. Here are positions you need to try to spice up your sex life!


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The bottom will lie on his back and slowly lift their up until their torso is off the floor. The bottom will be on his neck with his hips up as the top is standing up squatting and thrusting into him. Stay in this position for a long time and it'll be a guaranteed knockout!



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This bodyguard is an intimate and intense position. This is a standing position with the bottom in front resting their back on the top. As the top enters the bottom the top is free to touch and caress the bottom's body. They can grab and tease their nipples or play with their cock... or both. Both partners will need to have a slight bend in their knees to do the thrusting. Whisper and moan in your partner's ears, kiss their neck, bite their ear. Tonight you are surrendering your body to him. 


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Burning Man

They call this the burning man position because it is a hot and sexy position for you and your man. It is very simple, what you will need is a countertop or table. You can surprise him at work and fuck on his office desk or you after he cooked you dinner at home fuck on the dining room table. The bottom will need to face the countertop and lay their abs on it with their feet on the ground. The top will penetrate the bottom. If the top wants to get more intense he can grab you by the arms and fuck you silly.


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In this position, the bottom will lie on their back and pull their legs up to their chest with their hands by their hips. The top will lie on top of the bottom with their arms supporting them next to the bottom's shoulders. The top will slightly bend their legs to be able to thrust into their partner. The bottom will rest their legs on the top's neck and as the top fucks him. This is a hot position for you and your partner to have intense eye contact and see the passion in their eyes.


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Lotus Flower

The top will sit with his legs crossed and the bottom will sit on his cock with their thighs on the tops hot chest and feet by his shoulders. In this position, you guys can touch and kiss each other passionately. 

These are a couple of gay sex positions that you need to try on Valentine's Day! Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite and the positions you tried on Valentine's Day!

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