Unforgettable Birthday Sex

Happy Birthday to us! We are celebrating our 4th year as a gay brand we are immensely grateful for all of the blessings and wonderful people we’ve met within the last four years! We are definitely known in the community for having some sexy surprises and we think we should share some of our secrets with you!If you man is celebrating his birthday he is going to be one special man after you’re done with him!

Here are some sexy ideas to make your man’s birthday one he will never forget!

Morning Wood


Let your man sleep in and start working on breakfast… naked! When he makes up he will not know what to eat first. Should he eat out the hunk in the kitchen or the actual breakfast?

Quit Playing Games with my Hard On


Tease the fuck out of your man. Walk around the house in your favourite JJ Malibu undies and tell him you can’t fuck until tonight. It’s going to drive him crazy! Pretend that you lost your keys and look around the house. While you’re looking for your keys make sure bend over and your man is looking at you. You’re sizing him up for tonight!

Do it in Pub(lick)!


Whether you are an exhibitionist or not. Public sex can be hot! Take your man shopping or to his favourite restaurant and tell him to follow you into the washroom. You push him into the private stall, unzip his pants and get on your knees to suck him off. The mixture of excitement and pleasure will be too much for your man. Your warm mouth is exactly what he wants for his birthday. 

Blow Out His Candles!


Every cake needs candles but let’s not throw them out after they’ve been blown out just yet! Try experimenting with some candle wax on your man’s birthday. If your man’s wish is for some hot sex tonight, maybe you should some wax play!



Is it really a birthday party when there are no desserts? Buy a bottle of whipped cream and put it on your man. Lick it up until he is absolutely clean. You don’t want a drop to go to waste!

Pretty in Kink!

alex wightman photography

Your man’s birthday is the perfect occasion to try our some kinky sex with toys! There are plenty of different toys that are more tamed and others that are absolutely freaky and we’ve got the range! Perhaps, you want to start off simple and easy by trying out some cock rings and nipple clamps to make his birthday special. However, if you want to make this birthday even more special you have got to try our new sex toys for couples! You can find our sex swings and body restraints here!

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