SG Sex Stories with Ex National Dragon Boat Athlete Alrick

Introduce yourself!

SG Muscle Hunk Alrick

Hello! My name is Alrick, I manage a gym and I am from Singapore. I was also a national dragon boat paddler from 2011 to 2013. I major in Sport & Science Management. I love to workout at the gym and I spend most of my time there. 

What size underwear do you wear?


So a lot of people on Instagram are asking the question if you are gay.

Yes, I am. 

SG Muscle Hunk Alrick

Okay, what kind of guys are you attracted to? 

I have a strong affection towards mature and romantic guys. I like guys who can hug me to sleep and who can let me stick to him like super glue! 😅. Most importantly he needs to be honest and sincere. Those qualities are key! 

My exes got so tired of me always hugging them, and " meow meow" every moment. 

Are you top or bottom? 

I am a flex bottom and I like to take care of my man. 

SG Muscle Stud Arick

How do you take care of your man? 

There are many ways to take care of a man and every individual needs may be different. I like to observe what they really need and provide it to him. However, my simple guidelines for taking care of my man are doing things to make him happy and content with his life. I will do things that will allow me to be involved in his life but also not intruding too much into his personal space. Trust and respect are very important. 

Do you also take care of him in bed?

Yes! Taking care of him in bed would mean being submissive and being proactive in meeting his needs. His desires would be mine... greatly... I’m serious. I can be gentle, or I can be wild. What he needs me to be to I will become 😅😅😅.

Do you have sensitive nipples?

HAHAHA! Ok… Yes, very! That's my main trigger point. If my man is good at it. He gets anything he wants 😳😳😳😳😳.

SG Muscle Guy Alrick

What is the technique for good nipple play?

Ok. Initially, you have to lick it gently. First, you do not directly lick the nipples. You have to gently run your tongue around the circumference of the nipple without touching. This will create a teasing sensation. After, he’s had enough of the teasing you can slowly move onto his nipples gently. Sometimes, you can suck on it and lick his nipples. You can increase the intensity by nibbling on it a little. Rotate between licking, sucking, and nibbling. Play around with the intensities and the rotating between the types of stimulation 😳🤤. 

Hahahaah gosh what have I shared!!

Does that make you the submissive type?

SG Kinky Story with Dragon Boat Athlete

Yeah, very! I can also be very dominant. However, most of the time my man is the dominant type.

Would you be able to share a dom/sub-story?

Let me recap... I remember there were ropes and harnesses. Although I have never really tried dom/sub play I do consider it to be one of my fantasies! Actually, I have tried the dom/sub experience but I felt uncomfortable. Then dom was using vulgarities towards me and I did not like it. So maybe I am not suitable for dom & sub play. I am more passionate and into pleasurable kink play. 

 I am still looking for the right man that I will be comfortable to play with. I’m SHY! 😆.

If I had to share one of my wildest/kinkiest experiences it would have to be when I was tied up by 2 tops and they double penetrated me. That will be one of the most enjoyable memories that I will never forget. 

It was an impromptu decision at the time. I was going through a breakup at the time and I decided to meet up with this couple I had met on an online dating app. They were really friendly and nice. They were even willing to fulfill my wildest dreams. They tied me up to the bed and they were gentle with me. They were not violent or aggressive with me. They were playing the role of providing ultimate pleasure to me without inflicting any pain on me. They took turns fucking me and loosening up my hole. Their cock were both quite thick and long. After the second guy finished fucking me slow and gentle I was ready to take them on both. I was ready to be double penetrated for the first time. They were really gentle with me and I did not feel any pain at all. They were really good at double penetration! My ass felt so tight that I moaned. But I did not moan from the pain. I was moaning from how good it felt when they were both fully inside me. It was the best feeling I have ever felt and I will never forget. We all had amazing sexual chemistry with each other which amplified the sexual experience. I was being “used pleasurably and pleasantly”. I was being taken care of and they were making love to me. It was such a good experience to go through after a break-up. 

Did you ever meet up with this couple again? 

Nope, but I would love to!

Did your ex-boyfriend find out about your threesome? 

Yes, I told him. He felt very upset and jealous about it. It doesn't matter anymore, he did not treasure me 😁. After the whole event, I realized there are so many nicer and sweeter guys to meet in this world. Also, I shouldn't beat myself up for every failed relationship. That is how I started this Instagram Profile! My previous relationship ended at the beginning of December of 2019 and I started my Instagram at the end of the year. JJ Malibu was actually the first to approach me for a collaboration with Apollo Art Photography. Apollo approached me to work with you guys and that helped me in my journey to recovery. Just in case you guys didn’t know! I want to say a BIG THANK YOU! I am more confident and happy with myself now 😁😘.

Also, some teaser news. I might be working with Apollo Art Photography to help generate some new content! I am also planning content for the OnlyFans that I will be creating. I am in the midst of developing a business and marketing plan for my OnlyFans platform. 

That’s hot! Who will be featured on your OnlyFans?

Hmm some of my closer online social media friends who are more open and that I feel comfortable with. There are also some exiting OnlyFans who have approached me for a collaboration. 

Who are your tops? Literally!

I really want to work with Ryuuji Suzuki. Just him at the moment 😊. I have seen all of his content and I would be interested in doing anything he wishes to do. First, he’s hot! 🔥🔥 And I am an exhibitionist. I would love to be tied up by such a hot guy and get used by him 😳😳

Ryuuji Peter Fever Scene

It is interesting that you mention that you are flex bottom but it sounds like you are a complete bottom!

Good thing you realized. Okay, let me explain a little. Naturally, I am more of a bottom. But I can be a top if my man wants me to top. I can top for a man that I really like. So are you a top or bottom? 🤫

Haha! The interview is about you! 

Okay! Moving on!

So you mentioned you did dragon boat. Are there a lot of gay SG dragon boaters?

Yes, I represented the National Team from 2011 to 2013 and competed at the SEA Games in 2011 in Indonesia and 2013 in Myanmar. There are hot gay dragon boaters but most of them are straights guys in tertiary teams. 

Sg National Dragon Boat Athlete Alrick

Do you still compete?

SG National Dragonboat Team

No, I stopped after the last SEA Games. Dragon boat is very time-consuming at the National level. You have to wake up at 4.30am, catch the first carpool and commence the first session from 5.30am to 7am. After, everyone goes to school or work and then returns for the second session at 7pm to 9pm. In one week during the peak period training can be as many as 14 sessions. I did not have time for myself or for other things. 

Now that you don’t do dragon boat, how do you spend your free time?

I carry weights and plan/experiment my own training program. I major in Sport & Science management. There are a lot of different types of training available to stimulate muscle growth. I spend my free time studying hot guys online and observing which muscle groups are a turn on for me. I’ll create a workout revolving around those muscle groups, try it out and then take pictures at home to see the results. When I look at my IG stats I noticed that my audience love shots that were taken at home, bulge and more skin, and ink!

I remember the first time I found the courage to show more skin on IG and the next day after posting it I regretted it. I wanted to take it down. I felt bad. However, when I opened up my IG the likes were the highest. Because of the support from my audience, I kept it going. I want to give a big THANK YOU to my audience. I love you all!!

How do people get an ass like yours?

AlrickIsMe Ass

I study the various muscles within the glutes and look at my own to see which area I need to make perkier. I like to study the asses of pornstars like Alam Wernik. He is a popular bottom. AHHH yumms. I can be his top! He is a sexy power bottom with a very nice butt!

Alam Wernik Ass


I like Alam Wernik. I watched one interview when he attended a Pornstar Awards event. He shared a very inspiring story about how he gained his confidence through his porn career. I liked his story because like me he had confidence issues. However, he has proven himself to be perfect. I am inspired. 

Do you have a final message for your readers?

I wish to let my audiences know that I appreciate them a lot, and want to thank them for the support and encouragement all these while, they are the ones who kept me moving in life! Their comments and positive support made me feel complete! I will continue to put up more content for them! I have a lot of inbox messages, and I apologize if I missed their messages, I promise I will try my best to respond to every one! That's all Allan! Thank you for the opportunities and for this interview!


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