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Introduce yourself!

Duncan Ku (軍龍/GunRyu). Gay Pornstar from Taiwan.

Hello, I am Duncan Ku (軍龍/GunRyu). Currently, I am based in Taipei, Taiwan. Besides being a model, porn actor/producer, and live performer. I am also the  manager of

You are very busy with so many jobs! Which would you say is your favorite?

Actually, as I mentioned previously, I devote myself to different jobs and performance. But they are all about acting in front of the audience, supply entertainment, and trying to make people feel happy and satisfied. 

As a versatile entertainer or behind producer in the adult industry, all of them are to make people feel satisfied while watching my video. 

Whether I stand in front of or behind the scenes, they both bring achievements to me.


How long have you been in the porn industry?

I have been in the Gay Porn since 2018.Furthermore, I work in the Adult Entertainment industry for 10years. Which includes Magazine project, Gay sauna / SPA, Production of sex toys and leather wears...etc

Duncan Ku (軍龍/GunRyu) Gay Asian Pornstar from taiwan


What is your favorite part about working in porn?

I think the favorite part of my job is seeing people feel satisfied when watching my performance. Also, I am interested in researching what the audiences are into. 

Through brainstorming with team members from worldwide, we can always find the best solution to achieve goals within the allocated budget.

During work, you can share the success with co-op partners and friends and even grow up together. That’s quite exciting for me.

Do you have a favorite pornstar?

Yes, I think they are William Seed and Arad Winwin! I wish someday I could have the chance of filming a threesome video with them, being caught in between them.  (Joking, fans don't kill me XD)

It would be an honor to meet up with them at the GayVN Awards!

Arad Winwin, William Seed and Stevo Tran at Montreal Pride

You are from Taiwan. Where can you find the hottest guys in Taiwan?

Hot gays are everywhere here! (laugh). It really depends! 

In Taiwan, we don’t have pure sex bars or clubs, but here are certain fetish bars and gay saunas.

(By our law, It's a prohibited business to supply a space for "sex" to customers. But the gay people go to the specific "gym", "bar" or "sauna" tacitly to looking(look) for what they want, it is another matter.)

One of the most popular fetish bars in Taiwan is Commander D in Ximending.

What are some of your hobbies?

Hmmm… Good question! Sometimes I play video games on Steam or PS4. However, I don't play them so much because I spend most of my time working. I really like playing Fallout, The Outer Worlds, Pathfinder: Kingmaker, Pillars of Eternity, The Elder Scrolls; Anno, Endless Legend/ space, SpellForce, Sid Meier's Civilization, Cities: Skylines, Railway Empire, Tropico. As you heard, you can find I have a passion for RPG/SLG games. 

Enjoy building with the games, but not just shooting with someone always. (sly smile) 

How often do you go to the gym?

Gay Pornstar Duncan Ku interview with JJ Malibu. Asian Gay Pornstar from Taiwan.

I go to the gym around 3 or 4 times a week. I really like working out on my legs! And when I work out I usually listen to movies or game soundtracks. 

What are some of your favorite movies?

Oh, I seldom watch movies. I am more interested in the TV Series. I am really impressed by Revenge, House of Cards, Eating out, How I Met Your Mother, Chernobyl, Mother Father Son and etc. 

Are you dating someone? 

I am single now and not interested in dating someone at the moment. (unless you presume to get married and make a family.)

If you were interested in dating, what kind of guys are you interested in?

I like the wise and hardworking guys. Also, I love the guy who is humble and has defined goals to achieve. 

He also has to be good at managing his finances!

What is something about yourself that people should know?

I recently closed my fetish shop this month. Therefore, I have more time to do things that interest me such as joining dancing and singing class. I am currently trying to participate in auditions for different shows. Besides, I am also running 2 public welfare projects with different NGOs!

Can you tell me a bit more about your public welfare projects?

Yes, there is Driftwood Art, which is held by the Regenerative Economies Promotion Project. The other project will be a series of promotional videos for HIV Testing, but I cannot give any more details about it at the moment.

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