Loud Sex with Carma_Carmielian

Who is Carma?


Carma is the enigmatic, faceless, shameless narcissist. He is the extroverted introvert, whose self-portraits started as a way to build self-confidence but are now a creative outlet for him.

Why did you create Carma?


I’m shy in real life so this was a way for me to build a bit of confidence. I also wanted an outlet for the extrovert in me.

How do you separate your personal life from Carma?


By not showing my face, I hope I can remain relatively anonymous. My close friends know but that’s about it.

How is life in quarantine?


New Zealand has fortunately been out of quarantine for a couple of months now. Quarantine was bittersweet. The time off work was refreshing but the fear of Covid-19 was and still is very real.

What are your turn ons?


Sexy underwear, nice lips, fine cologne, short shorts, good butts, and loud sex.

What is your favourite type of underwear?


Jockstraps do it for me.

You mentioned you liked loud sex. Could you explain that a bit more?


I like my man to be vocal. It lets me know what he’s enjoying and what he likes. Knowing I’m giving him what he wants gets me off. Communication is key to getting it right.

Who’s louder? You or him?

Probably me. 

Have you ever been in a situation where you were too loud and had to quiet it down?


Yeah. I could hear the neighbors talking. And I was much louder than them. 😅

Are you top or bottom?

Vers. But I am more often top than bottom.

Do you enjoy dirty talk? 

Yes. Definitely.

What do you like to hear a man say to you?


In the heat of the moment, whatever he says will be hot.

Are there any guys on IG that you want to sleep with?

Sure there are lots of hot guys on IG. But none I want to actually sleep with. I prefer to know a guy in real life before sleeping with them.


How would you describe the perfect date?

Fish and chips on the beach. I’m a low key kinda guy. I’m also totally open to fine dining on a private yacht though. Haha.



Do you have a final message?

Be kind to others. If it means, wearing a mask, calling out a racist relative, sparing a dollar for a homeless person, de-escalating a potentially dangerous situation, voting an undeserving leader out of government, supporting a charity or countless other worthy causes, then do it.


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