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When did you start doing porn? And how many scenes have you filmed?

My first scene was with in late 2012. I have done about 400-600 scenes during my career.

Where do you like a guy to finish on you? Or do you prefer inside you?

 Inside! Inside! Inside!  I am somewhat OCD about having a connection and sharing something intimate with my sexual partners. There is nothing more connecting than taking someone inside you. Literally!!


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What is your kinkiest fetish? Is there anything you haven't done but still want to try?

I have tons of kinky fetishes.  I think what I have been doing presently on my is by far the kinkiest and the most taboo.  I honestly think it may be illegal…so I’ll leave it at that!


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Who is the worst scene partner you've ever had?

 It’s hard to say who the worst scene partner was.  Studio porn has been 99% acting on my end. I was never able to connect with a lot of my scene partners.  I require a mental connection that you just can’t force. As far as best, I would say Paul Wagner, mainly because we were just in sync with what had to be done and selling it to the viewer.


Who gives the best head? Can you describe why they were so good? 

Gage Santoro!  By far the best I have ever had.  He doesn’t just go up and down. He actually sucks on your dick!!

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Do you like sex in public or in private?

I like public sex mainly because I love being watched.  I got into the industry for that reason alone. It feeds that need for attention.

How do you find guys to hookup with? 

I, honestly, prefer the old school methods.  My favorite is making eye contact over a few days then saying “hello”.  I try the hook-up apps and seem to fail. I think that's for a multitude of reasons. Two, in particular, are obvious.  I am a porn performer, therefore people think I’m just someone using Billy Santoro's photos. And the other is that I am a ’no bullshit’ kind of guy.  I lay out what I want and invite someone over to fuck. If, for whatever reason, they do not follow through, I block them. LOL, No, I don’t have patience.

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Which city has the hottest guys?

Sydney! I just moved to Sydney, Australia a week ago and WOW!  The guys in this city put the boys around the world to shame. This could also be because I have ‘fresh meat’ syndrome, meaning that everyone is new to me!!

What kind of guys are you attracted to? 

I am attracted to guys who are unique in attitude.  It’s never really a looks thing, ultimately. Yes, a hot twink with a big dick will attract me, but so will a beefy, muscle queen with a pearls falling out of his mouth.  Just be yourself and you will be surprised who is attracted to you!

Who do you want to film with next? Can be someone new or someone you've filmed with before.

I am filming with a ton of kinky Aussie boys and focusing on homemade content with guys who are into it at an animalistic level.  I have no desire to ever work for a studio and be told how to have sex again. 

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What is your funniest hookup story?

I think the funniest was in Lauderdale a few years ago.  I was in town filming some scenes for Pride Studios and I had a day off.  So, of course, I wanted to sample some local dick. I met a guy at the gym that morning who brought me back to his place and busted in my ass.  Since he took me to his place from the gym, I didn’t have his address. Later that evening, I took an Uber to a house which happened to be the same house.  It was the gym trick’s boyfriend. I told the guy his boy fucked me in the morning. He was very upset! They were NOT open. So, I put it in perspective for him.  “Bitch, you can’t be mad at him, you are doing the same thing.” I told him we should make some videos of our fuck and text it to him. So we did. Well, they are no longer together.  Not sure it was a funny hook-up, but definitely a lesson for everyone out there. If you lie and/or cheat, it’s a small, gay world. He WILL find out! Just be honest. Odds are, he wants to do the same thing.


Let us know in the comments if you have ever gotten off watching Billy Santoro or if you've hooked up with him!

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