How To Take The Baddest Bum Pics

How To Take The Baddest Bum Pics - FitnessFreak_U(@fitnessfreak_u)

We all have that one pic at the ready. You know the one I’m talking about. The ass pic that you took two years ago and still have at the top of your Grindr saved pictures ready to send to that special top who’s 1km away. And who can blame you? Once you get that perfect snap of your behind it’s hard to find the motivation to take more, but today we’ll be giving you 3 tips to take even more great booty pics… because that ass deserves it, honey.

How To Take The Baddest Bum Pics - AidenMarllo


1. Location, location, location

I feel like this one gets lost in the excitement sometimes. Your bum should be the main focus of the shot and we would never want anything distracting away from it… which includes the location of the pic! Try a full length mirror moment or a shot in your bed sheets. Don’t forget to clean up your room/the area and remove anything that may be lingering in the background that the camera might pick up in your shot. The recipient of your grade A ass shot needs to know you’re anything but messy! High quality peach only.

How To Take The Baddest Bum Pics - Carma_Carmielian (carma_carmielian)

2. The pose!

How to Take the Baddest Bum Pics - HelloVova(@hellovova)

Taylor Swift sang “I’ve been the archer” on her 2019 album “Lover” and we can relate! It’s all about the pose and angle of your bodacious bum. An arched moment on all fours on your bed gives all that extra plumpness you need! Or get creative… the world is your oyster when it comes to positions, switch ‘em up for the camera for some variety like the good sis Ariana Grande preaches.

3. Finally… Your confidence!

How To Take the Baddest Bum Pics - Chameleon(@chameleon)

Nothing is sexier than a confident booty pic! Whatever makes you feel the sexiest and most comfortable… whether that’s baring it all or sliding on a JJ Classic Thong, whatever makes you feel flirtatious AF. At the end of the day, it’s you that wants to be turned on by the pics you’re sending! It’s all about self-love here and when you radiate that through these tips with your bum pics, that Grindr hookup will be hard faster than you can say “Host or travel?”.


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