Hot and Steamy Shower Sex Tips!

Save water and shower with a friend! Shower is something seen as extremely steamy in the movies but it may not be the easiest thing to do. 

SkyyKnox - Hot and Steamy Shower Sex Tips!

(Gay Pornstar Skyy Knox)


Here are some tips for shower:

Turn On The Hot Water



You’re making out on the counter and you can’t get your hands off each other. You move into the shower and BAM cold water and mood killer! It may sound self explanatory but when you’re caught in the hot and steamy moment you might forget to do it! Even if it is unplanned sex, make sure you find a second to turn on the heat before you step into it!

Slippery When Wet

dom blanchard


Everyone wants that WAP but no one wants to slip because of it! Invest in a non-slip shower mat if you are planning to sexy some sexy shower sex. You’ll be able to have a good fuck without worrying about getting rammed so hard that you fall. 

Smooth Penetration



You soap and lather each other up but that slipperiness will not work for anal. Make sure you use a silicone waterproof lube when you’re ready to penetrate. 

Get Your Toys!

Michael Boston Hot and Steamy Shower Sex Tips!

(Gay Pornstar Michael Boston)

Everything is more fun with toys! Anal Beads, dildos, nipple clamps use them all!




Safe sex is important and if you decide to use a condom it is advised to put on the condom on before getting wet to avoid it from slipping off. Be aware that condoms work in the shower but there is the risk of slippage.

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