Hooking Up With Sean Cody Fans (Meet Asher aka Ricky Donovan)

Introduce yourself!

Ricky Donovan aka Asher from Sean Cody

Hi! I’m Ricky Donovan, I’m 30 years old born and raised in Caldwell, Idaho but I currently live in Boise.

I’ve lived in Southern California while I was a dental assistant in the Navy. I moved back to Idaho from LA in November of 2013 to go to school for dental hygiene and to sort of recenter myself. 

Before I lived in LA I lived in Sacramento with a boyfriend(together 2years) who was abusive so I just felt like I needed to focus on myself more. 

I met Johnny a year into my dental hygiene program. I maintained a 3.8 GPA while in 23 credits and working 40 hours a week as well as going to the gym every day for an hour. So I wasn’t really partying or looking for a relationship...I wasn’t even hooking up because I simply didn't have time. 

So halfway into the dental hygiene program, I was with my best friend in college. It was her birthday and she begged for me to come out with her but I had to work. So I called into Applebee’s and told them I had diarrhea haha. We ended up going out to a “Gay Friendly” straight bar in Boise called “The Balcony”.  While I was grabbing some drinks this beautiful blue-eyed god bumped into me and dropped my drinks. 

When I turned around I noticed it was this guy who had been messaging me on Grindr trying to meet up for coffee or tea. I never took the leap to meet up because I just moved from LA and in LA when someone says “let’s get coffee” it means they want to have sex. But anyway, I noticed it was him and his photos(although he looked perfect in them) did not do justice. I remember saying “hey you’re” and him replying “yeah you’re” then we started making out. 

Without sounding too cliche, I honestly felt like a combustion of energy happened the first time we touched each other. It felt like I had been instantly energized! 

We made out all night at the bar and when we decided to leave he took me to a Friendsgiving party he was at before the bar. When we got there we basically picked up where we left off and I noticed he was friends with a lot of familiar faces. Turns out he was a grade beneath me in high school! We finished up there and I took him to my parent’s house. I lived in their basement, and proceeded to ride his dick off. He obviously spent the night because there was no way I was going to let go of him. 

The next morning he had to pee really bad, as one does in the morning. But my parents only have one restroom which was in the area of my mother’s living room. My grandmother lived with my mom at the time and she was all about waking up at 7 am to have coffee and start watching tv. So I knew that he would be in the vicinity of my grandmother and my mother if he wanted to pee. In Mexican culture it’s super rude to have a guest in your house and not invite them to the family that is in the house, especially the elders. So out of respect for my grandma and my mother I walked up with Johnny and introduced him to my mom and grandma so he could go to the restroom. 

My mom is eccentric to say the least and my grandmother wasn’t too far off. Two peas in a pod and they were both proud of me being a centerfold in a Denver local magazine GED. So they proceeded to show Johnny the magazine which was a photo of me in a jockstrap (she showed anyone she talked to this magazine).

I thought for sure when he left he would think “holy shit what the hell just happened” and never talk to me again.

Thankfully, he loved that whole situation and we were inseparable from that day on.

How did you guys end up becoming on the most popular couples in the gay porn industry?

Ricky Donovan aka Asher from Sean Cody

Well, it all started from a crazy situation in which we feel we were racially profiled and targeted by the Boise police department. We have all the footage to corroborate this situation. 

 We were ordering pizza at a local late night pizza place in downtown after a night of drinking so this was around 1 am and as we’re leaving with pizza in hand a 5 foot something (I’m 5’8 and she was a little shorter than me) girl starts shoving me away from the door to block me in. Apparently someone had punched her friend and she thought we hit him or knew something. I had no idea what was going on so I was like WTF and after 5 shoves I decided to just grab her shoulder to move her to the side, I was obviously stronger than her because I was bodybuilding with a coach for the first time.

She flipped around and smacked Johnny's pizza out of his hand so I got in her face and screamed at her demanding she buy us more pizza but Johnny knew this would lead nowhere so he bear hugged me and carried me to the street where we walked down the street to grab an Uber. 

After 2 blocks a couple of cops took our ID and started questioning us. After 5-10 min of discourse, we proceeded to walk with them towards the pizza place and on the walk, they took Johnny down and knocked him. I freaked out and kept asking if Johnny was ok taking steps towards the situation. On my 3rd step they took me down and the arresting officer kept screaming “STOP TRYING TO GRAB MY GUN STOP TRYING TO GRAB MY GUN” (my hands were in front of me because the cop was on top of me). 

We quickly found ourselves with felony charges Johnny had 2 resisting/obstruction, and assault on an officer. I had 3 assaults on an officer, resisting/obstruction, and battery on the girl. 

I just finished dental hygiene school 9 months prior and had been working at this office full-time for 3 months. Needless to say, we were in no position to be able to afford lawyers for either of us. So we tried to go the public defender route. Johnny qualified for that because at the time he was focussing on starting a new personal training business but on paper, I didn’t qualify for a PD because I made too much. 

Our good friend Luke Adams caught wind of our situation and asked us if we were interested in getting into the porn industry. After 3 months of deliberation, we decided to do it. 

When we first started we made it clear we wanted to only work together but were open being in films with a third.

In December 2016, we debuted as the first-ever “Real Life Couple” to be featured as exclusive models with Sean Cody and we blew up from there.

So what was it like starting off doing porn as a couple?

Ricky Donovan aka Asher from Sean Cody

Yes, we signed a contract with Sean Cody which stated that we would only shoot together when we did any scenes so they just paired us in group scenes or 3way scenes after our solos and our scene together debuted.

It’s great to be able to work as a team to make sure we don’t get taken advantage of

How did you guys manage to have a healthy relationship and do porn with other people at the same time?

Ricky Donovan aka Asher from Sean Cody

When we first started doing porn we discussed how we would see that part of our life as work. Yes, it was fun to have sex with beautiful men together but ultimately it is a job that we get paid for so we tried to really make that our main focus.

Before we got into porn we had experimented with other guys together and when we got into porn we had a conversation about having an open relationship but we set boundaries on what we could do based on the needs of each other. (I’m more of the jealous one so I needed a little more rules than Johnny did 😅) Our relationship comes before everything else.

Who’s the hottest guy at Sean Cody?

Deacon ...duh. But honestly, even if we weren’t dating I would say the same. He, to me, fits the perfect image of what Sean Cody’s brand started as 🤤🤤🤤🤤

What is Johnny best at in bed?

Ricky Donovan aka Asher from Sean Cody

He’s a master of the art of fellatio. He’ll suck you dry, if you let him. But only if you let him because he’s a good pup 😈

How do you coordinate a threesome?

Ricky Donovan aka Asher from Sean Cody

Our default is to try and just worship the 3rd but there are those times that a third favors one over the other. At first, it was hard to navigate that but after 6 years of communication, we have learned how to handle the situation as best we can. My favorite is when we hook up with our fans. It’s great to worship them together as a team.

Can you share an experience hooking up with a Sean Cody fan?

Hmm...I think we want to keep those details to ourselves but for all the fans out there....use your imagination. Now times that by 10 and that’s how hot it was 😈

Why Sean Cody and not another porn studio like Corbin Fisher?

Honestly, our friend Luke Adams gave our info to the recruiter and Sean Cody was the first offer 🤗

What’s it like having sex with a “straight guy”?

It can be interesting hahahaha. I learned to stretch a lot before set and use a whole bottle of lube because some of them would treat my booty hole like it was a self lubricating vagina. They beat it the f up. Which is hot when sex is only for like 5 minutes. Not so hot when it loves on for like 5-6 hours.

Oh yeah wait there’s this one model who let me sit on his huge cock off set to “get used to it” I won’t say who but I mean, I thought that was pretty fucking cool.

Which guys at Sean Cody were a good fuck?

Ricky Donovan aka Asher from Sean Cody

Sean, Jax, Jeb, and Lachlan.

Those were all good straight fucks but my favorite of those four was probably Lachlan. We had a great time on set

I understand you guys signed an exclusive contract with Sean Cody! What can we expect to see soon?

We started negotiations RIGHT before covid hit then all production stopped so we are excited to get back to work. I was also working on club appearances right before covid happened so I’m hoping to get that going again. Although, I’m way more concerned with the safety of fans so I’m not trying to push anything in the nightclub industry until we can get a grasp on the spread of the virus.

Awesome! Did you have a final message?

Thank you, the JJ Malibu team, so much for taking the time to interview us! It’s amazing to be able to give the fans an inside look at our life and we really appreciate you so much for this and for the amazing products. I swear, I wear that Super Gay crop top around the house almost every day. I also want to thank the fans for their continued support and interest in us. We’re here because of them and we never forget it.

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