Beginner's Guide to Nipple Play

Take sex to the next level with nipple play! Nipples are an erogenous zone with hundreds of nerve endings. Basically what that means is when they are played and teased with your body will feel sensationalized. Nipple play can heighten the intensity of your orgasm making it HOT AF!

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Here is the beginner’s guide to nipple play!

Touch Them 

Gay Nipple Play Guide

Simply touching someone’s nipples can send surges of stimulation throughout their body. There are so many different ways to touch the nipples. You can start off by touching them gently with your fingertips and circling their nipple around the areola. You can use your fingers but you are not limited to using your mouth or sex toys. 

It is best to start off gently! You want it to be a sexual journey and you do not want them to reach the point of no return so quickly. Touch and tease them! Make them get hornier with every touch leaving them begging for more. Arousing them at the beginning is important because it draws extra blood to the nipples. After they’ve been begging for more you can move your hands to the nipples themselves focussing on one nipple at a time. 

You will definitely know if they are ready for more. If it isn’t the moaning, the begging or the raging boner that is dripping with precum it will be that the person’s nipple’s are erect and hard too! The harder they become the more sensitive their nipples will be. 

Go Slow

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No one wants to finish early! Take your time playing with their nipples and making them hornier with every touch. Take the time to go slow and get to know what exactly drives them wild. Pay attention to every breath they make to know makes them go crazy. Some may like licking but not biting or pinching. Use the time to experiment and get to know your partner. 

Be a Tease

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Let your partner know they will cum … eventually! You’re taking it slow and they’ll have to earn it if they want more. Everyone loves to orgasm but the arousal and buildup is just as important. Continue to touch and tease their nips but take your time and stop occasionally. Lick, suck or bite their nipples making them arch their back from the sensation and then stop! Take a few seconds to let them regain their breath and they will miss the sensation. The longer you make them wait the hornier they wait in anticipation. It is up to you when you want to give in and start playing with your boy toy again.

Change It Up! 

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Now that your boy toy is horny and begging more you can start giving him what he wants. Go ahead and play around with different intensities and techniques. 

Use your fingers to pinch his nipples starting off with a little pressure and increasing it until they can’t take it anymore. The same goes for biting! Nibble on their nipples and bite down gently until you know their limit.

If your partner has very sensitive nipples pinching and biting might not be pleasurable for them. That’s OK! Use your mouth instead. Lick around their nipples in a circular motion, flick their nipples with your tongue, suck on them and repeat! 

Experiment with Nipple Clamps!

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Nipple toys might be a little intimidating but they can definitely take your nipple play fantasies to where you want them to be! The benefit of using nipple clamps is that you can put them on and use your hands or your partners hands to touch you somewhere else! Put the nipple clamps on your partner and you use your free hands to jerk them off, finger them or shove them down on your cock!

There are a lot of different nipple clamps with different intensities! Try out different styles to find the one fits you the best. You can check our adult toys here!

Let us know in the comments which nipple play technique is your favourite! 

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