Beginners Guide to Anal Bleaching

Anal bleaching. If you’re unfamiliar with the ever-growing practice, these two words could sound quite strange together, wrong even. However, if you’re among the group interested in learning about this practice, or have even thought about bleaching that bottom recently, this is the blog for you! Today we’ll be giving you a quick and easy beginners guide to the world of Anal Bleaching.
Let’s start off with the basics: what is Anal Bleaching? Well, it’s pretty much what it sounds like, baby. It’s the act of bleaching the skin around one’s anus so it’s bright and toned and matches the rest of one’s skin colour. 


The Backstory (no pun intended!)

This practice became mainstream when adult actress Tabitha Stevens admitted to having it done on Dr. 90210 to make her asshole look more presentable on camera. Yes queen! Soon after, it became a standard practice for porn stars; both female and male (we’re looking at you, bottoms…. Oh, and you Kourtney Kardashain who admitted to having also tried the practice). And who can forget that iconic scene in Bridesmaids where the iconic line is screamed by Maya Rudolph in a fit of rage: “Her asshole IS bleached. And you know how I know?! Because I went to the salon and got my asshole bleached too and I LOVE my new bleached asshole!!” Cinematic history. Ever since anal bleaching has reached mainstream attention, there has been debate around it, is it safe? Is it worth it? How bright does my hole REALLY need to be?

Why do people do it? 

Well, why do people do anything? Anal bleaching is purely for aestetic purpsoses. Many, especially those who frequently partake in anal sex, have their anuses bleached and feel better about themselves and sexier having the consistency of the skin tone and that blemish free look for their precious hole. Very popular with power bottoms worldwide who want to have that ass ready and in the air at any given moment. You know, it’s the same as getting your nails done, threading your eyebrows, getting a haircut.... fits in perfectly to the beauty regime! 


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Is it safe?

The two most popular ways people go about bleaching their beautiful little holes are 1. DIY bleaching kits and 2. Salon/Spa treatments. Skin bleaching creams and serums that can be used on one’s hole are sold at many beauty outlet and drug stores. They can range in price anywhere between $6 to $60. As far as these DIY creams being safe, it is recommended for beginners to go to a salon or spa to get bleached. This is because if you are inexperienced with doing it yourself, it could go wrong if instructions are not carefully and thoroughly followed. We can’t risk any damage to that holy hole now, can we? Especially because with the DIY road you need to be extra flexible… and with bleach? You do the math, a lot could go wrong. Unless your friend is willing to spread your cheeks and help you out, I would advise against this. Specialists at spas, salons and even some plastic surgeons offer anal bleaching treatements with results lasting 6-7 months. This option tends to be pricier obviously (sometimes ranging up to $150 per session) but is recommended for best results. After an initial treatment at a salon, DIY creams can be purchased for future use with the advice and tips from a professional. 

Is it for you?

My motto is I always try everything once! If anal bleaching is something that tickles your fancy (or your hole) do you research into which treatments you are most comfortable with and are best suited to you. Ask around, maybe your friends or someone else in your life has had it done! And all the best of luck from us at JJ Malibu, if you have it done don’t forget to Shop All Jocks & Thongs to show it off!


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